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Aggregarsi, imbucarsi
Tag along
He just tagged along with us to go to Helen’s party, even if nobody invited him.

Tag onto
A graphic was tagged onto the end of the presentation in a careless way.

ail away, tail off
The number of visitors tails away in wintertime.
I heard her voice tailing off.

Mettersi in ghingheri
Tart up
Sheila loves tarting herself up by putting on make-up, jewellery and fashionable clothes.

Rattristare, disturbare
Tear apart
People were torn apart when news of the act of terrorism spread over the country.

Ridurre in frantumi
Tear apart
Ethnic rivalries are going to tear modern country apart.

Buttare gił, demolire
Tear down
They tore down the old country house and build a new block.

Tear into
Ed tore into Sandy, accusing her of trying to destroy his life.

Svestirsi frettolosamente
Tear off
Mandy tore off his clothes carelessly went to bed.

Strappare, fare a pezzi
Tear up
Fiona tore Chuck’s letters up and throw them away.

Think about
Harry, your offer it’s certainly something well worth thinking about.

Riflettere attentamente su qualcosa
Think over
I will think it over and let you know.

Considerare le possibili soluzioni
Think through
I told you, Ted… your plan failed because you hadn't thought it through.

Think up
Sheila’s has a special talent for thinking up excuses for not working.

Throw away
A tip: don’t throw away a chance.

Throw out
I threw out all the junk to make some space in the room.
Albert, this food smells…  you'd better throw it out.

Buttare fuori
Throw out
The thug was drunk and the bouncer threw him out.

Rimettere, vomitare
Throw up
Cindy got food poisoning and she threw up in the night.

Trascorrere tranquillamente
Tick over
How’s life? Just ticking over.

Riporre, mettere via
Tidy away
I’ve to tidy away my clothes and put all the things in the place where they belong!

Finire, portare a termine
Tidy up
The meeting finished and Gwen tidied up the report in a moment.

Tie in with
All the facts ties in very well with what Harris said.

Tone down
The Prime Minister tried to tone down what he had said.

Dare il tocco finale
Top off
It had been such a nice day and a good dinner would top it off nicely.

Top up
Shall I top up your drink?
Top up the tank with petrol, please.

Seguire le tracce
Track down
The police are trying to track down the facts.

Sfruttare a proprio vantaggio
Trade on
You’ll always find someone who’s willing to trade on your generosity, and never offer anything in return.

Trade in
I traded in my old car for a new convertible.

Trade off
Jack traded off the new client for a rise.

Trarre a proprio vantaggio
Trade on, Trade upon
Stop it Paul! You’re always trading on my generosity in an unfair way.

Vendere per comprare qualcosa di pił costoso
Trade up
People are trading up to larger homes before prices rise again.

Discutere nei dettagli fino ad una conclusione
Trash out
We still have to discuss about the situation thoroughly until we reach an agreement... we've to trash it out.

Inciampare, incespicare, impappinarsi parlando
rip over something; trip up something
Sally tripped over the carpet and fell.
I was tripping over my words in the frenzy to tell Mia I loved her.
Ed, pay attention you don't trip up on the step!

Cercare di ottenere il risultato sperato
Try for
So, Bill… are you trying for that job in the new branch of the company?

Provare abiti, indossare
Try on
Peter tried the jacket on before he bought it.

Comportarsi male
Try on
I know Sally… she tries it on in order to find out how badly she can behave before I become angry.

Cercare di imbrogliare
Try on with
The swindler tried it on with the old lady by saying that he needed some money for his poor family.

Try out
They went out to try out the new Thai restaurant.




Consumare, finire, esaurire
Use up
Tom, don't use up all the drinks: we need some tonight for the party.

Urge on
I’ve to be grateful to you… you urged me up to react!



Rinnovare, rendere pił interessante
Vamp up
To make the album seem newer they've vamped it up with some new instrument.
Belinda decided to vamp it up in a nude-look dress.

Veg out
Bill couldn't afford to go out, so he begin to veg out all day staying home.



Wait on
The person who waited on us was impolite, so we didn’t want to pay.

Wait for
Fiona was tired of waiting for the bus, so she took a minicab.

Rimanere svegli in attesa
Wait up for
Don’t wait up for me, mum… I’ll be very late!

Wake up
Sam wakes up around 5 AM each day to go working.

Comprendere la veritą, divenire consapevoli
Wake up
In the end Phil woke up and realized that Deb only wanted him for his money.

Abbandonare qualcuno, mollare
Walk out on
Kim treated Sally badly, but he never thought she’d walk out on him.

Volere uscire da una relazione, da un contratto
Want out
Jack wanted out of his marriage.
Sam, I’m sorry… I want out of this deal, I want all my money back.

Riscaldare un cibo pronto
Warm up
We’re hungry… let’s warm the soup up!

Riscaldarsi prima di fare sport
Warm up
Our team warmed up an hour before the match.

Trascinare via, travolgere
Wash away
The harbour was washed away in the storm last night.

Lavare piatti e pentole
Wash up
Ruth is getting used to washing up the dishes before she goes.

Fare attenzione
Watch out for
There's a school here, Dan… watch out for children crossing the street.

Vegliare su qualcuno
Watch over
The tutor watched over the students to make sure that they behaved in the correct way.

Annacquare, allungare
Water down
The draft bill has been watered down in response to pressure by labor union.

Erodere, consumare lentamente
Wear away
The beautiful lawn has been worn away by people walking across it.

Consumare, indebolire
Wear down
The nightshift has worn me down.
Gwen’s monologue wore down the patience of all of us.

Finire di avere effetto
Wear off
The painkiller wore off and my wisdom tooth started hurting.

Usare fino alla fine
Wear out
Brenda put the some jeans on so many times that she wore it out.

Esaurire, stancare
Wear out
I feel exhausted… I had terrible week and it wore me out.

Utilizzare qualcosa di vecchio, trito e ritrito
Wheel out
You hear those grannies wheeling out the same old complaints we’d heard so many times.
The presenter often used to wheel out the some old jokes to entertain the audience.

Uscire di testa
Wig out
Ed wigged out when he found his wifey in bed with his best friend.

Portare via
Whip off
The wind whipped Richard’s hat off.

Tirare fuori all’improvviso, rapidamente
Whip out
The serial killer felt he was nearing his end and whipped out a gun.

Raccogliere soldi, fare una colletta
Whip round
Bruce’s whipping round to raise enough money for the poor.

Fare di corsa
Whip through
The mechanic whipped through the tuning in a matter of minutes.

Whip up
Emma was whipping up some cream to go with the chocolate.

Incitare, sollevare
Whip up
The politician whipped up the crowd with a sharp speech.

Domandare qualcosa senza avere speranze
Whistle for
Sue reminded Ben that he still owes her money, but I think she can whistle for it.

Mollare, lasciare perdere per insicurezza
Wimp out
Ed was going to do a base-jump but he wimped out at the last minute.

Wind down
Greg has told me that he’s going to wind down in the country this weekend.

Finire qualcosa
Wind up
Let’s wind up the coffee break…. It’s getting late.

Rinsavirsi, riprendersi
Wise up
Ed’s boss told him to wise up or he'd lose his job.
Those who think that alcoholism is harmless should wise up.

Rimuovere lo stress, il peso superfluo
Work off
Mandy goes to the gym to work off the stress.

Work on
Many scientists are working on genetic research.

Terminare bene, finire positivamente
Work out
Fortunately it all worked out in the end.

Trovare una risposta, una soluzione
Work out
It was a very strange situation and Jason wasn’t able to work it out.

Allenarsi, esercitare I muscoli
Work out
I’m getting used to going to the gym to work out.

Incartare, confezionare
Wrap up
Fiona wrapped up the present and then put a greetings card on it.

Vestirsi bene contro il freddo, coprirsi
Wrap up
It's very cold, Joan… wrap up, wear enough clothes to keep warm.

Finire, concludere
Wrap up
We've been talking about it for hours… let’s to wrap the discussion up!

Considerare non valido, di poco conto
Write off
After making trouble Ted was written off by the group as a failure.

Annotare, appuntare
Write out
Frank wrote out the instructions of the new telly for Sheila.

Stendere in modo defninitivo, redarre
Write up
Becky spent years doing research for her paper and months writing it up.





Gridare, urlare
Yell out
The old man yelled out with pain: “Help me!”.

Arrendersi, cedere
Yield to
Fiona tried to resist, but in the end she yielded to temptation and ate all the cake.

Garantire, farsi garante
ouch on
I can youch for Ed's honesty: I've known him for years.



Zero in on
Computers help missile to zero in on their targets.

Zoom in
The camera zoomed in on Sandy’s smile.

Crollare nel sonno
Zonk out
Norman was so tired that he zonked out as soon as he got home.




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