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Causare, far succedere qualcosa
Bring about something
He brought about his company's collapse by his reckless spending.
Jealousy is often brought about by a lack of trust.

Ricordare, far ripensare
Bring back something
Looking at our old pictures again brought back fond memories.

Bring back something
In my opinion capital punishment should never be brought back.

Disautorare, discreditare
Bring somebody down
The mayor’s bad social policy will bring him down very soon.

Far scendere, ridurre
Bring something down
Politicians always promise to bring taxes down.
After negotiating for hours, we brought the dealer down to a lower price.

Anticipare un evento
Bring something forward
The opening date has been brought forward by two weeks.

Riuscire, realizzare, portare a termine
Bring something off
I’m sure you’ll bring your plan off!


Causare, generare
Bring something on
Low temperature brought the illness on.

Bring out
The company brought out a brand new city-car.

Aiutare ad uscire dalla timidezza, dare una svegliata
Bring somebody out of himself
We have to help Kylie: she's a shy girl and needs bringing her out of herself.

Far cambiare idea
Bring over
He’s stubborn, but I think he can be brought over.

Persuadere, convincere
Bring somebody round
Rachel doesn’t want to come to the party, but I’ll bring her round.
He’s inflexible, but I think he can be brought round, somehow or other.

Riprendere conoscenza
Bring somebody round
The strong smell of the coffee in the morning suddenly brought him round.

Riconciliare delle persone
Bring somebody together
The period of difficulties brought the couple closer together once again.

Crescere, essere allevato, essere educato
Bring somebody up
Dan was brought up in New York City.
Brian was brought up to respect the law.

Portare avanti un argomento, introdurre
Bring up something, Bring something up
Sandy’s always bringing up her emotional problems.
Good idea, Sheila… bring it up at the meeting!

Bring up something
She brought up her dinner all over the floor.



Essere colti di sorpresa
Take somebody aback
I was taken aback when I saw how clean the room was.

Take after somebody
Sheena takes after her mother, with the some kind of moody character.

Portare ad una festa, una cena
Take along somebody
Fiona will take Jill along to your party.

Sconfiggere, sbaragliare
Take somebody apart
Our karate club were able to take the challengers apart, defeating them easily.

Criticare duramente
Take somebody apart
After the scandal broke out, the Prime Minister was sharply taken apart by the media.

Take something apart
It took the whole day to take the engine apart.

Isolare, separare da un gruppo
Take somebody aside
The teacher took me aside to ask me why I was absent so often.

Eliminare, togliere definitivamente
Take something away
That ugly old telly was taken away.

Avere un’opinione di qualcuno, pensare di qualcuno
Take somebody for
What do you take Lisa’s new boyfriend for?
What do you take me for?...what kind of person do you think am I… a fool?

Considerare una persona in base ad un roulo
Take somebody for something
I took Randy for the secretary but it turned out she was the boss.

Take somebody for something
Madame Bertrand takes us for French.

Ingannare, imbrogliare
Take somebody in
To be honest I was taken in by his sales patter.

Comprendere, capire a fondo
Take something in
The class had some difficulty taking the lesson in.
I  had to read the book twice before I could take it all in.

Take somebody off
Jill is so good at imitating people... she takes off the teacher perfectly!

Take off somebody, Take off something
Ed’s reputation has taken off since he won the competition.
The stock exchange index is just taking off, after the companies’ increase of production.

Impiegare, assumere
Take on somebody
The big department store took on three new cashiers before Christmas time.

Prendersi la responsabilità per qualcuno, per qualcosa
Take on somebody, Take on something
If I marry Gwen, I’ll have to take on his daughter.

Decidere di fare qualcosa, accettare incarichi
Take somebody on, Take something on
When Phil took this job on he didn't expect it to take all his time.
I confess... I can't take on Mandy’s problems as well as my own!
If Brian marries Belinda, he’ll have to take on her daughter.

Avere una caratteristica, (iniziare a) sviluppare una qualità
Take on something
Her face took on a wistful expression whilst arguing.
During the lesson the teacher’s voice took on a very serious tone.
In colloquial language words take on different meanings.

Scaricare le responsabilità su qualcuno
Take something out on somebody
Don’t take it out on me... it wasn’t my fault!

Piacere, essere attratti
Take to somebody
Brenda and Ron took to each other at first glance: they’re a really happy couple.

Prendere a, darsi a
Take to (do) something
I know... Russell is taking to drink again!

Iniziare un’attività, un hobby
Take up something
He took up swimming last summer.

Trattare un argomento seriamente, professionalmente
Take up something, Take something up
A leading law firm took up his case.
Jenny had to take the matter up with her partner before giving me an answer.

Diventare amici
Take up with somebody
When Rachel went to New York, she took up with some shady people in Soho.

Essere presi per qualcuno, occupati da qualcosa
Take up with something
Rod's very taken up with Sheila.
Albert's completely taken up with baroque music.

Chiedere spiegazioni, fare domande, interrogare
Take somebody up on something
I thought she was wrong, so I took her up on her heavy criticism.
Linda has taken me up on a few points that whe didn’t agree with.

Prendersi la responsabilità di (fare) qualcosa
Take something up on oneself
Peter took it up on himself to tell the truth everybody.

Decidere di testa propria, fare di testa propria
Take something upon oneself
Joan decided to leave the apartment without asking Geena first... she took it upon herself.
Sally took it upon herself to throw some old books away without asking me first.




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