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Incontrare per caso, imbattersi
Run across somebody, Run across something
I ran across Sam’s ex-girlfriend in the shopping centre.
Ed ran across these old prints in Camden market, the new "Portobello", and Petticoat Lane market, the oldest of all London's street markets.

Rincorrere, correre dietro, corteggiare
Run after somebody
Frank's a rich man who spends his time on luxuries… he’s always running after glamour girls.
Sheila’s a real trollop, she’s always looking for husky men running after her!

Dare la caccia a qualcosa
Run after something
The big black dog was running after cats in the middle of the street.

Essere molto occupati, incasinati
Run around, Run round
Emma’s terribly busy: she’s been running around town getting things for her party.

Attaccare, aggredire
Run at somebody
The jealous wife ran at the poor hubby with a big stick.

Scappare via
Run away from somewhere
Harry ran away from home at the age of seventeen.
Looking at all the hostile faces, Emma felt a sudden urge to run away from the pub.

Evitare qualcosa per insicurezza o timidezza
Run away from something
Hey, Phil… you can't run away from working because your lack of experience!

Scappare via con qualcuno
Run away with somebody
Belinda has ran away with her plumber leaving home and her husband... can you believe that?

Prendere il sopravvento
Run away with somebody
Oh, Wendy... don’t let sadness run away with you!
Sally’s imagination tends to run away with her and gets out of her control.

Consumare, dar fondo ai soldi
Run away with something
Uh-oh! That shopping spree is running away with too much money.

Vincere facilmente
Run away with something
Oh lucky you, Ron… once again you’ve ran away with the prize!

Ripetere qualcosa di non chiaro
Run something by somebody
Could you run it by me again? I fail to see why you can't come with us!
We’ve to talk, Emily… I'd like to run my point of view by you.

Ridursi di intensità, di carica, d’importanza
Run down
I bought a cheap cell and now the battery has run down.
You’re right, Sam: big chemical factories have been running down.

Andare a sbattere con l’auto
Run down somebody, Run somebody down
The old lady was crossing the road and was run down by a van.

Criticare aspramente, fare le bucce
Run somebody down
I wish you wouldn’t run Sam down the way you does, Sally…
Get a life, Hannah! Don’t run yourself down like that!
Whatever the lord mayor does, the local media runs him down.

Trovare dopo una lunga ricerca
Run somebody down
I finally ran Suzie down in a dark corner of the club.

Arrestare qualcuno
Run somebody in
The police have run the boys in for being drunk.

Fare il rodaggio
Run in something, Run something in
Bill, you’ve to drive your new car carefully: if you run it in, it will give you many satisfactions.

Sperimentare delle difficoltà
Run into something
Even a rich man living in the lap of luxury could run into debt unexpectedly.

Pubblicare, redigere rapidamente
Run off something, Run something off
Wendy was a fantastic journalist: she was able to run off ten articles in a couple of days.
Ken has still to run the meeting report off.

Continuare senza interruzione, senza smettere
Run on about something
Knock it off, Kelly! You’re running on and on about the some subject!

Terminare, finire, esaurirsi
Run out
We have to reach a petrol station… the fuel is running out!
It’s very late… time’s running out.

Utilizzare fino alla fine
Run out of something
We were running out of water while the expedition was in the middle of the desert.

Ripassare una parte, un discorso
Run over something
Pamela ran over her speech before giving the lecture.

Ripetere, rifare una prova
Run through something
Before the opening the receptionist ran through the names on the list.
Emma, can we run through the last scene once again, please?

Correre dietro
Run up
Jill ran up to me and gave her heavy luggage to me.

Accumulare spese, debiti
Run up something
How did you manage to run up so many debts, Brian?
To be honest, I ran up an enormous bill in the club we went on Saturday.

Affrontare delle difficoltà, delle avversità
Run up against something
The government is running up against local opposition to its reforms.

Non riuscire a credere
Run with something
I don't run with the idea that Mary passed the exam...
Sheila has had me to run away with the impression that she’s very lazy.



Respingere, rifiutare
Turn somebody down, Turn something down
Dan's application was turned down by the commission's selectors.

Dormire, andare a letto
Turn in
It's too late guys… I'm tired enough to turn in soon.

Portare un colpevole alla polizia, o andare a costituirsi
Turn somebody in
The thief was turned in for stealing money at the cash.
The hit-and-run driver turned himself in to the police the day after the accident.

Smettere, lasciar perdere
Turn something in
Jan had to turn the night shift in, because it was too tiring.

Consegnare, sottoporre
Turn something in
William ran up and turned his test in before other candidates.

Disinteressarsi, disaffezionarsi
Turn somebody off, Turn something off
Jill is veg and turns meat off.
The students were turning the lecture off because of the lengthy way of the teacher.

Attrarre, eccitare
Turn somebody on
Classic music really turns her on.
She's so girlie that makes him turning on all the time!

Attaccare, criticare aspramente
Turn on somebody
Grace uses to turning Jack on all the time for his strange ideas.

Dipendere da qualcosa
Turn on something
Our future depends on today’s choices.

Mettere in campo, sfoderare
Turn on something
Fiona often used to turn out her grit.

Apparire, risultare
Turn out
How did Sheila dinner turn out? She’s a great cook.
People turned out to watch the passing.

Diventare, divenire
Turn out
Mandy has turned out a pretty girl.

Andare in in un certo modo, mettersi
Turn out
Things will turn out all right, be sure.
It seems facts are turning out badly.




Let down
She failed to turn up and I felt badly let down.
I know I let you down when I didn't do what I promised...

Fare entrare
Let in
The bouncer didn't let him in the nightclub because he was wearing jeans.                                                         Damn it!
This crappy raincoat let the water in.

Graziare, non punire, perdonare, fare passarla liscia
Let off
They let Mike off with a fine rather than a prison sentence.
Melinda's so softy with Marc: she always let him off.

Non fare qualcosa, evitare un dovere
Let off
The saving grace of that holiday was being let off working.

Fare esplodere
Let off
They let fireworks off at the end of Mia's party.

Raccontare un segreto
Let (in) on
I didn't mean to let on about your private life; I just said it without thinking.

So, Randy… I’ll let you in on a little secret!
Al knows the truth, but he won't let on to anyone...

Liberarsi da un impegno
Let out
Sam refused to let me out of his party even if I was busy.


Diminuire, mollare, lasciare perdere
Let up
When Mary's doing her homework she never lets up until all is finished,




Scappare via
Break away
Harry broke away from his family at the age of 18.

Non riuscire più a controllarsi, cedere
Break down
When I told Lisa that I didn't like her, she broke down.

Abbattere la resistenza di qualcuno
Break down
Frank was able to break down Patricia's prejudices.

Fallire, non andare a buon fine
Break down
Did you know?
In Finland two in five marriages break down and ends in divorce.

Irrompere, fare irruzione
Break in
The burglar broke in through the window.

Intromettersi in una discussione, in una conversazione
Break in (on)
Maggie... I'm sorry to break in on you like this.
I really don’t like breaking in on their meeting.

Indossare per rendere più confortevole (abiti e scarpe strette)
Break in
Sandy was wearing the new boots around the house to break them in.

Iniziare ad utilizzare riserve di denaro o di cibo
Break into
Ned, if you're short of cash you can always break into your savings.

Iniziare una nuova attività, entrare in un business difficile
Break into
Chinese banks are starting to break into the European market.

Terminare una relazione, un rapporto, un dialogo politico
Break off
Emma broke off their engagement after discovering that Robb was having an affair.
In 1950 they broke off diplomatic ties with the far East.

Break out
They broke out of the prison by digging a tunnel.

Break out
Bill was injured when a fight broke out in the pub.
A lot of people left the country before the crisis broke out.
The fire broke out on the basement of the warehouse.

Emergere, balzare su, prevalere
Break through
The proceeds of the company have unexpectedly broken through a new record.

Aprirsi un varco
Break through
Fiona broke through the crowd.

Rompere, spezzare interrompere
Break with
Oriental people are not able to break with the tradition.




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