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Come vivono i ricchi...

How the other half lives
I'd like to buy your big sports car but, unfortunately I don't live how the other half lives!

Vivere nel lusso, nell'agiatezza
To live off the fat of the land
What are you looking for, Wendy? You're beautiful, healthy and rich enough to live off the fat of the land.

Fare tanti soldi
To make good money
The wise man made a lot of good money buying fields around the suburban areas... now they are all building sites.

Fare soldi in fretta
To make a quick buck
We suspect something: he was too fast to make a quick buck.

Diventare ricchi in fretta
To strike it rich
He struck it rich and now he's terribly busy... none of us sees him anymore.


Dalla miseria alla ricchezza

From rags to riches
Do you know Calvin?... he was very poor and now he has a fortune: a rags-to-riches story indeed!


Arricchirsi (non legalmente)
To line one's pockets
They are said to line their own pockets, so the police are investigating their accounts in Swiss banks.

Profittare della situazione per fare molti soldi
To feather one's nest
The worker accused his boss of feathering his own nest, dishonestly using his position at work to get a lot of money for himself.


Dalla miseria alla ricchezza

From rags to riches
Do you know Calvin?... he was very poor and now he has a fortune: a rags-to-riches story indeed!


Il potere dei soldi

Money talks
The millionaire couldn't speak any foreign languages, however, he still managed to get the best places everywhere... money talks!

Benestante, ricco
Well-off (well-heeled)
He lacks nothing... he's really-well off (well-heeled).

Essere veramente ricco
To be filthy rich
He's really filthy rich: he made a fortune and now he has billions and billions.

Fare abbastanza soldi per tutto il resto della vita
To set somebody up for life
Winning the lottery, the lucky man was set himself up for life.

Un gruzzolo
A nest-egg
After years of hard working, they amassed a good nest-egg... they bought a country house with it.

Mettere i soldi da parte per il futuro
Money for a rainy day
They're very scrupulous: they saved a good sum of money for a rainy day.

Essere indipendenti
To paddle one's own canoe (to stand on one's own two feet)
After the age of eighteen, he started to paddle his own canoe (to stand on his own feet) when of the age, soon after the army.

Stipendio netto, al netto delle tasse
Take-home pay
He thought he was earning a lot of money, but his take-home pay is only average.




I soldi sufficienti per vivere

To bring home the bacon
After she lost the job, her husband had to bring home the bacon.

Il necessario per sopravvivere
Somebody's bread and butter
After better moments, they now only have their bread and butter to keep them going.

Essere al verde
To be broke (to be in financial straits, in financial laces)
Lately, he has been betting on the horses and now he is broke (in financial straits, in financial laces).

Non avere una lira
Not to have two pennies to rub together
I can't stop admiring him: even if he hasn't two pennies to rub together, he has a lot of dignity.

Essere veramente poveri
Not to have a pot to piss in
We really should help them: they're so poor... they don't have a pot to piss in.

Fare un debito per pagarne un altro
To rob Peter to pay Paul
Sam had to borrow some money to settle an old account he owed... it was a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Vivere miseramente
To live hand to mouth
The poor family lived hand to mouth, using all their money to support themselves.

Sentire l'odore di soldi
To get a sniff of money
I have to ask for my pay... the week is passing and I haven't had a sniff of money yet.

Due soldi di paga
Chicken feed
They were so stingy: they gave me chicken feed for doing this job.




Crepi l'avarizia!

To blow the expense
Guys, I invite you all to the new restaurant for dinner... blow the expense!

Darsi alle spese folli
To have a splurge
I've only just had my salary and I've already spent half of it shopping... I've had a splurge.

Aver le mani bucate
To be a spendthrift (money burns a hole in somebody's pocket)
I'm not able to save money: I really am a spendthrift: money burns a hole in my pocket.

Spendere senza smettere
In for a penny in for a pound
Sally had spent so much money on presents that she stopped keeping track... in for a penny, in for a pound.

Comprare al volo, prendere un affare al volo
To snap up
You have to be fast and snap up what you like during the sales!

To set somebody back
What a wonderful bike... it must have set you back a pretty penny.

Costare molto
To knock someone back
It knocked him back a fortune.


Negoziare, trattare

To bargain for something; to bargain over something
In oriental markets it's a normal practice to bargain for (over) the lower price.


Ottenere uno sconto

To knock down
Lisa knocked the cashier down five pounds for the make-up she wished to buy.


Pagare in contanti, sull'unghia

Cash on the barrelhead
It was a real buy at that price, but Sam had to pay cash on the barrelhead.
"No credit -the dealer said- pay it cash on the barrelhead!"


Comprare qualcosa per molto poco

To get something for a song
That new shirt is not that bad, even if I got it for a song.

Prezzo stracciato, molto basso
Rock bottom
The shop girl refused to reduce the price... "That's already rock bottom!" she replied.

Guadagnato da una parte ma perso dall'altra

Swings and roundabouts
More money, more taxes... it's pointless, it's all swings and roundabouts.
The prices there are cheaper, but you've to drive a lot... what you gain on the swings you may lose on the roundabouts!


Poco spendi poco pretendi

pay peanuts, get monkeys
When I heard that the video recorder packed up after few hours, I told him "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!".

Stare attenti prima di comprare
To buy a real pig in a poke
I told you that the price was too low: now that's at home, the washing machine doesn't work... you bought a real pig in a poke!

Star fermi sul prezzo
To drive a hard bargain
I'm driving a hard bargain with selling the car: I've had so many calls that I'll never reduce the asking price.

Pagare molto di più del dovuto
To pay over the odds
He had to pay over the odds to get the limited edition car.

Spendere troppo
To spend money like water
During the last holiday she spent money like water!

Costare un occhio della testa
To cost someone arm and a leg (to cost a bomb)
Don't smoke there, my dear... the new sofa cost me an arm and a leg (a bomb).

Pagare una tombola, un'esagerazione
To pay through the nose
Even if they reduced the price, he paid through the nose for the new house.

Essere truffati, perdere molti soldi

To take somebody to the cleaners
Fiona didn't realise that the man was a swindler: he took her to the cleaners.

Derubare, fregare (una fregatura)
To rip off (a rip off)
I've to check all the bills carefully: I am quite sure that the landlord will try to rip me off.

Pagare il conto
To foot the bill
It was a marvellous evening and we had an excellent dinner, but now who is going to foot the bill?

Pagare ognuno per sé, alla "romana"
To go Dutch
Don't feel obliged: we're going to share the price.. it's better to go Dutch.

Aver credito per tardare un pagamento
On tick
I don't know for how much time Ben will let you drink at the pub on tick.

Stare attenti alle spese
Money doesn't grow on trees
You have to slow down buying everything without thinking: money doesn't grow on trees.

Essere sicuri che ci sono i soldi per pagare
To see the colour of somebody's money
I'd rather would ask to see the colour of his money before giving to him the keys of my apartment.

Tenere la testa lontano dai debiti
To keep one's head above water
After he went bankrupt, he is now just keeping his head above water.

Pagare il dovuto a qualcuno, saldare
To settle up with
Let's drink now... you'll settle up with the cashier later.

Pagare in natura
To pay in kind (sexual connotation also)
Sorry, no money left... I'll pay you in kind!



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