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Regarding Human Nature

H  U  M  A  N    N  A  T  U  R  E

P  H  I   S  I  C  A  L    S  T  A  T  E  S

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Il punto di forza di una persona
Somebody's strong suit
Patience was never one of her strong suits!


Il punto debole di una persona
One's Achilles' heel (one's downfall, one's weak spot)
I confess... flavoured crisps are my Achilles' heel (my downfall, my weak spot).


Essere in forma
To be as fit as a fiddle (to be in fine feather, in the pink)
Hey... how do you manage to be as fit as a fiddle (in fine feather, in the pink) working all day long?


Non essere in forma
To be below par
I really feel below par... I haven't slept a wink tonight.


Avere le allucinazioni, credere di avere visto o sentito qualcosa

(be) hearing things, seeing things
Jack's offered a lift…? I must be hearing things!


Star bene, avere una buona cera dopo una malattia

To look as right as rain
After the bad flu James looked as right as rain.


Una bella abbronzatura

As brown as a berry
After a couple of days spent sunbathing on the beach, she was as brown as a berry.


Esser pieno di energia

To be a live wire
She really is a live wire: she works all day, then jogs for an hour before preparing the dinner for the family.


Andare al massimo, esser sempre su di giri
To be full on
I can't imagine where you find so much energy... you're full on all day long!


Una carica di energia
A shot in the arm
You're such a lively vital person... seeing you means a shot in the arm!


Avere una buona cera dopo una malattia, star bene, stare in buona salute

To look as right as rain, to be as right as rain
After the bad flu James looked as right as rain.
I can't complain... I'm loved, I've enough money for frills, I'm still alive and as right as rain!


Vivo e vegeto
Alive and kicking
I know it's around midnight, but I'm ready to go clubbing... I'm alive and kicking and the night is still young!


Forte come un toro
As strong as an ox
Where the heck does he find his energy?... he's all muscles and as strong as an ox.


Solido, forte come l'acciaio
As hard as iron
He got his muscles as hard as iron by spending hours working out at the gym.


Veloce come un lampo
As quick as a flash
Being so long-legged she's able to be as quick as a flash, when it comes down to running.


Distrutto per la stanchezza

Dog tired
Call it a day... I'm dog tired, after more than nine hours working myself to the bones.


Sentirsi a pezzi per un lavoro pesante
To feel like a drudge
After having spent all day moving furniture, he felt like a real drudge.


Sentirsi esausti
To feel done in (all in)
I'm feeling done in (all in) after clubbing until six a.m.!


Avere le allucinazioni, credere di avere visto o sentito qualcosa

(be) hearing things, seeing things
Jack's offered a lift…? I must be hearing things!


Avere le gambe di burro
To be weak at the knees
The first time he met her he suddenly felt weak at the knees.


Sbuffare, aver il respiro pesante
To huff and puff
In the middle of the stairs he had to put out his fag because he was huffing and puffing too much.


Riprender fiato
To get a second wind
Visiting the archaeological sites all day long it's like a marathon but, I'm getting a second wind because I ate a quick snack.




Spezzare l'appetito
To take the edge off the hunger
I don't feel full up, but this snack was good to take the edge off the hunger.


Avere una fame da lupi
To be able to eat a horse
After having spent all the day walking around I really could eat a horse.


Mangiare per i nervi
To eat for comfort
She hadn't had a moment's rest so, when she went home, she broke her diet, nervously eating for comfort.


Mangiare con appetito
To eat heartily
Maybe it was from the hunger or because of the good quality of the dinner but, I've eaten so heartily.


Mangiare a quattro mani
To shove food into one's mouth
They remained shocked at seeing the man greedily shoving food into his mouth.


Mangiare svogliatamente
To pick at one's food
It's was too late for having dinner, so they picked at their food before they went to sleep.


Mangiare in bianco
To eat plain food
I'm sorry, I cannot eat the food you have prepared: I was sick and now I have to eat plain food.


Un cibo duro come una suola
As tough as old boots
It was so difficult to cut and eat that piece of bread... it was as tough as old boots.


Far rivoltare lo stomaco
To churn at
After that disgusting dinner my stomach is churning at the sight of food.


Disgustato al punto di vomitare
As sick as a dog
I feel like throwing up... I'm as sick as a dog, after that bad dinner.


Leggero come una piuma
As light as a feather
After a severe diet she became skinny and as light as a feather.


Magro come un chiodo
As thin as a rake
Lucky you: you can eat everything and still stay as thin as a rake!


Essere pesante come il piombo
As heavy as lead
He's so podgy... when he fainted I dragged him to the sofa, and he was as heavy as lead.




Avere molta sete
As dry as a bone
I have to have a drink: I'm as dry as a bone!


Mandar giù tutto di un fiato
To knock back
The old man was drowning his sorrows, knocking back a lot of drinks.


Rimanere sobrio
As sober as a judge
He's as sober as a judge, considering all the drinks he had.


Alzare il gomito (ironico)
To be tired and emotional
You know him: he'll never confess to being tanked up but, only to being a bit tired and emotional.


Bere come una spugna
Drink like a fish
You know what Irish people are like: most of them drink like fish!


Essere ubriaco
As drunk as a lord
I met him dragging himself along the street as drunk as a lord, after coming out of the pub.


Essere ubriaco fradicio
To be tanked up (canned up, having one over the eight, legless)
He was found tottering and singing, fully tanked up (canned up, having one over the eight, legless).


Bere alcoolici per dimenticare
Drown one's sorrows
It's better you try to forget her in a different way instead of drowning your sorrows.


Il bicchiere della staffa
One for the road
It's time to go... ask for the last drink, one for the road!





Essere sveglio
To be in the land of the living
More coffee please, I'm just entering the land of the living


Essere tranquillo
To be as quiet as a mouse
He's a good child, not a brat... he's as quiet as a mouse.


Dormire, sonnecchiare
To be in the land of nod
Sorry, could you repeat it again... I didn't hear you, as I was in the land of nod.


Dormire come un ghiro
To be dead to the world (to sleep like a log)
The guys told me they found me dead to the world (sleeping like a dog), laying down on the carpet.


Andare a dormire
To hit the hay (to hit the sack)
It's too late for me, and I feel tired... It's time to hit the hay (to hit the sack).


Fare un sonnellino
To catch forty winks
See you later: I'm ready for catching forty winks on the sofa.


Il sonno mattutino
Beauty sleep
Jane likes to stay in bed for hours... she knows how important it is to get one's beauty sleep.





Virilità mattutina
Morning glory
Even though the man was still sleepy, the sultry presence of her warm body induced in him a great morning glory.


La barba pomeridiana
Five o'clock shadow
I've to meet her for dinner but, I need to shave beforehand... damned five o'clock shadow!


Far pipì
To answer the call of nature (to see a man about a dog)
Sorry I've to leave you for a while: you know... I've to answer the call of nature (to see a man about a dog).


Cieco come una talpa, un pipistrello
As blind as a bat
Without my glasses I feel lost: I'm as blind as a bat.


Sordo come una campana
As deaf as a post
The doorman used to listen to the radio at a very high volume, as he is deaf as a post.


Cannot carry a tune
Singing is not for me... I am tone-deaf and I cannot carry a tune.


Avere le vertigini
To have one's head going around (to feel dizzy)
Rushing up and down on the roller coaster I felt my head going around! I felt dizzy!


Avere un formicolio
Pins and needles
She woke up with pins and needles, as she had been sleeping with her arm underneath her.


Far rabbrividire la pelle
To make somebody's skin crawl
His morbid look made her skin crawl.


Fare cattivo odore, puzzare
B.O., body odour
He has terrible B.O.! I don't really think he washes.


Fare un peto
To break wind
He spent all the night breaking wind in the bed.


Fare un rutto
To bring up wind
After having drunk a lot of beer, he started bringing up wind.


Star comodo come un pascià
To be snug as a bug in a rug
He felt so cosy, relaxing in the warm bed... snug as a bug in a rug!


Essere molto giovane, troppo giovane
To be knee-high to a grasshopper
They didn't allow him to enter that club: the bouncers could see a mile off that he was knee-high to a grasshopper.


Essere ancora rampante, ancora arzillo
There is life in the old dog yet
Even being in his sixties, he's used to jogging, strolling around, and even clubbing! There's life in the old dog, yet!


Esser giovane
To be spring chicken
She's still an attractive lady, even if she's no spring chicken.


Essere molto malato
To be at death's door
When the poor homeless person arrived at casualty, the doctors found that he was at death's door.


Bianco (pallido) come la morte
As white as snow
In the night her pale skin looked as white as snow, under the faint light.


To get on a bit (to get older)
He has a perky air, but he's getting on a bit.


Morire (umoristico)
To meet one's maker
I've done too many good things in my short life to meet my maker right now!


Morto stecchito
As dead as a doornail
They found the poor dog as dead as a doornail, poisoned by the burglars.




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