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Continuare ad impegnarsi su un lavoro, perseverare
Keep at something
Come on, Keith… keep at it: you’ve nearly finished!

Tenere qualcuno sotto pressione
Keep at someone
Dan, you have to keep at William if you want your car back.

Far continuare un lavoro a qualcun’altro
Keep somebody at something
He kept us at it all the day.

Stare alla larga da qualcuno, da qualcosa
Keep away from somebody, Keep away from from something
Ron, keep away from the traffic of the main road!

Stare alla larga
Keep away from somebody; Keep away from something
Jill, you’d better keep away from me… I really don’t like your ways!
A bad flu kept Gwen away from work for many days.

Nascondere, non dire tutta la verità
Keep something back, Keep back something
Mary and John don’t keep anything from each other… I admire them!
Details of the scandal were kept back from the press.

Trattenere emozioni
Keep back something
Fiona’s very sensitive… she’s unable to keep back her tears!

Risparmiare, non spendere
Keep back something
Workers keep back a part of the wage to pay into their social security.
Mary kept back half the money for the booze.

Oscurare, sminuire
Keep somebody down
You can't keep Jack down: he’s a really good person… he will emerge.

Trattenere il cibo, non rimettere
Keep something down
We shouldn’t eat such an heavy dinner: I’ve trouble keeping it all down.

Far ripetere una classe
Keep down (passive)
Sheila was kept down a year because of poor marks.

Non alzare troppo
Keep something down
Be quiet and keep the music down, please… I’m going to sleep.
After so many strikes the government is trying to keep taxes down.

Keep somebody from something
I’d better go: you’ve to do the homework and I don't want to keep you from it.
The noise kept Harris from relaxing and he woke up very nervous.

Starsene in casa
Keep in
It’s best to keep in: it’s raining!

Proseguire un’amicizia per interesse, tenersi buono qualcuno
Keep in with somebody
It’s better to keep in with Becky: she’s the leader of the class…
Let’s keep in with your ex-manager… you might need a reference!

Keep on
The rain kept on all night.
Frank, keep on until you get to the meeting point.

Dare il tormento
Keep on at someone for something
Oh Lisa, please… stop keeping on and on at me for smoking too much.

Continuare a pagare, a mantenere qualcosa
Keep something on
It’s hard to go on keeping that big apartment, paying that big rent.



Essere socialmente impegnati, avere molti impegni
Get around
My boss is always going out to parties… she really gets around!

Fare qualcosa già pianificata da tempo
Get around to
Lisa finally got round to bringing all the video-tapes back to the shop.

Girovagare, andare in giro
Get around
It’s difficult to get around Los Angeles without a car!

Risolvere problemi, superare ostacoli
Get around something
I’m having some problems with the car but I’ll get around them some way or other.

Far sesso con vari partners
Get around with somebody
Simon gets around quite a bit with different girls… the lucky sod!

Criticare, dare il tormento
Get at somebody
Jo’s always getting at me but I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

Arrivare a prendere
Get at something
We’ve put all the food on a high shelf, so the dog can’t get at it.

Comunicare con chiarezza
Get across
Deb is so witty... she never has problems getting her ideas across to us.

Andare d’accordo con qualcuno, avere un buon rapporto
Get along (well) with somebody
Ray is such a lovely person that everybody gets along well with him.

Far progressi, procedere
Get along with something
How have you been getting along during these first days of training?

Aggirare, evitare di fare qualcosa
Get around something
Sam got around the problem of the broken car by renting a van.

Andare in giro
Get around
She doesn't drive: she gets around by bicycle.

Risolvere qualcosa sempre posticipata, finire per fare
Get around to something
The apartment is really dirty… I hope I'll get around to cleaning it up tomorrow.

Acchiappare qualcuno per dargli una lezione
Get at somebody
Just let me get at him!

Arrivare a comprendere
Get at something
The police got at the truth, after lengthy interrogation.

Passarla liscia, evitare una punizione
Get away with something
You’re so cheeky with your provocations… but this time you'll never get away with it!

Vendicarsi, controbattere , rendere pan per focaccia
Get back at somebody for something
Fiona got back at Mike by slapping him in the middle of the crowd.
She got back at me by not paying the rent for a couple of months.

Get by
If you like travelling you should get by speaking English.
We are in financial difficulties: we have to get by on little money.

Entrare, arrivare
Get in
I don't know where Cindy could be... she just got in her car and drove away.
I’m sorry: I don’t know what time Frank's flight gets in.

Ingraziarsi qualcuno per avere vantaggi
Get in with somebody
Sally’s used to getting in with teachers… that’s why she’s on the top of the college ranking.

Succedere accadere, iniziare ad interessarsi
Get into
What’s got into Sheila? She’s behaving like an idiot.
I’m really getting into jazz.

Scendere, uscire
Get off
You’ve to get off the bus three stops up.

Terminare un argomento
Get off something
Please Marion, can we get off that boring topic?

Salvare qualcuno da una punizione
Get someone off
The police suspected he was guilty, but his lawyer got him off.

Studiare, sapere a menadito
Get something off
They got all the poems off perfectly and so performed the reading brilliantly.

Essere eccitati per qualcosa, piacere
Get off on something
I like surfing so much… I get off on it.

Fare petting, pomiciare, farsi qualcuno
Get off with someone
He started getting off with Jenny in the middle of the party… they were so kinky!

Salire su un mezzo
Get on
Harry got on the wrong bus so he had to go back to the terminal.

Fare progressi
Get on with something
How’re you getting on with your English?

Continuare a fare qualcosa
Get on with something
Stop chatting and get on with your work!

Uscire per divertirsi (non parlare di qualcosa)
Get out
You’re so tired that you should get out and enjoy our company.

Uscire da un mezzo
Get out of
He had to get out of the crashed car before it exploded.

Evitare di fare, soprassedere
Get out of
I got out of the group’s dinner because of bad flu.

Superare una malattia, riprendersi da uno shock
Get over something
Poor Dorothy... she never got over her husband’s death.

Comunicare con chiarezza
Get something over
Sam has the gift of the gab and he’s brilliant at getting his ideas over to people.

Completare qualcosa di sgradevole, finire qualcosa
Get something over with
Let’s get that boring job over quickly... it’s time to eat.
Let’s get the formalities over with and enjoy ourselves.

Liberarsi di qualcosa di inutile, eliminare, licenziare
Get rid of somebody, Get rid of something
The company decided to cut costs and got rid of many workers.
This jacket is worn out… I’ve got to get rid of it!

Non riuscire a credere a qualcosa
Get over with something
I can’t get over with it… I’ve just seen your sister kissing my brother.

Sbrigare molto lavoro
Get through something
We got through a lot of work today.

Svegliarsi, alzarsi
Get up
I asked the receptionist to get me up at 6:00 AM.

Combinare, fare guai
Get up to
Hey, John... what have you been getting up to?
If I leave Janet alone for too long she’ll get up to mischief.




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