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Regalare, dare via
Give away
am couldn’t decide whether to keep her present or give it away.

Tradire, lasciare sfuggire
Give away
His sheepish face gave him away, so he confessed that he was actually guilty.

Restituire, rendere
Give back
Harry, could you give me back my books.


Give in
So, please, give your report in before tomorrow.


Arrendersi, cedere
Give in
Ed knew he'd lost the dispute, but he wouldn't give in.
The little boy asked for the chocolate so many times, that we gave in and let him eat some.

Produrre, emettere, mandare fuori
Give off
The heating doesn’t seem to be giving off much heat.


Esaurirsi, terminare, finire
Give out
Eventually my patience gave out and I shouted Mary.
Dan's strenght gave out.

Smettere di funzionare
Give out

Patricia’s washing machine has finally given out.

Comunicare, fare sapere
Give out
The killer's name was given out on television.

Consegnare, mettere a disposizione
Give over to
When Greg started his career, he gave himself over to his job.

Give up
After a week spent at the beauty-farm, Terry gave up smocking.


Cedere, rinunciare
Give up
Sheila has given up to despair.


Esser felici delle sfortune altrui
Gloat over
Don’t gloat over Max’s misfortune: you could be the one who fails next time.

Glissare, sorvolare, minimizzare
Gloss over
You’re just glossing over the facts, instead of giving a detailed explanation.
The Prime Minister glossed over the censure that was critical of his policy.

Goof off
I'm just going to stay home and goof off at the weekend.

Crescere troppo rispetto ai vestiti
Grow out of
Belinda grew out of those clothes… she’s too large for them.

Grow up
Harris grew up abroad.




Passare di generazione in generazione
Hand down
The manor house has been handed down for generations.

Consegnare un lavoro, un compito
Hand in
Joan handed her homework in late.

Hand out
The teacher handed out the worksheet to us.

Lasciare il posto ad un altro
Hand over
Ed resigned and handed over to Tom, his younger colleague.

Dare ufficialmente
Hand over
The criminal handed the stolen wallet over to the police.

Fare un assegno
Hand over
Frank handed over a cheque for $500.

Far ascoltare, mettere in contatto
Hand over to
I'll hand you over to the supervisor.

Attendere, rimanere in attesa telefonica
Hang on
Please, hang on for a moment… he's not free.

Stare con gli amici
Hang out
Fred hangs out in that pub: he's there every evening.

Terminare una telefonata
Hang up
I lost my temper and hung up on Mary.

Parlare di continuo della stessa cosa
Harp on
Albert's always harping on about lack of education.
Please, Sheila… stop harping on about it!

trascinare qualcuno davanti al giudice
Haul up
George was hauled up in court for driving drunk.

Spingere a cambiare direzione
Head off
I tried to head the horse off, but it was pointless.

Essere vicini ad una brutta situazione
Head for
Pay attention, Ted: you’re heading for disaster if you're not careful.

Head off
The politician headed off a countermove to replace him as leader.

Heat up
Nancy heated the soup up in the microwave oven.

Aiutare, dare assistenza
Help out
I always helped Belinda out when she felt depressed.

Avere un’idea
Hit on
Francis suddenly hit on the solution.

Criticare pesantemente
Hit out at
We hit out at Albert for his selfish behaviour.


Domandare qualcosa, chiedere soldi
Hit up
Richard and hit me up for some money.

Focalizzare, targettizzare
Home in on
The social project is homing in on the quality of life.

Intromettersi, intrufolarsi, interferire
Horn in
We worried that Albert would try to horn in on our genuine fun.


Comportarsi in modo stupido, fare le cose senza pensarci, cazzeggiare
Horse about, horse around
ed, stop horsing about... get to work and finish what you have to do.
Don't horse around in the kitchen, Sally... you could break something!

Nascondere, tenere celati dei fatti
Hush up
The politician tried to hush up that he was arrested on bribery charges.



Risolvere dei problemi, ripianare
Iron out
I know, Pat… we disagree on lots of things, but we can iron them out.
Ted’s still trying to iron out some problems with the computer system.

Emettere, mandare fuori
Issue from
Kate was very frightened… a weak trembling sound issued from her lips.




Bloccare i freni
Jam on
Jack jammed on the brakes when the fox crossed the road.

Crescere, aumentare
Jack up
Salaries should be jacked up by a few percent, because of inflation.

Dare vita, vivacizzare
Jazz up
Jim tried to jazz the evening up bringing Sheila to an exclusive disco.

Buttar giù, annotare velocemente
Jot down
Carrie uses to jot down her new ideas on the diary.
Ed jotted down Mandy’s number on a piece of paper.

Tentare, provare
Jostle for
The company was jostling for a new business on the web.

Sgridare severamente
Jump all over
Mandy’s boss jumped all over her because her carelessness.




Perdere l’equilibrio
Keel over
The old lady keeled over and landed flat on her back.

Iniziare, avere inizio
Kick off
The football game kicks off at five o'clock sharp.

Essere mandati via
Kick out
The club kicked Sally out because she didn't pay the annual fee.

Appassionare, eccitare (passivo)
Kindle by
Brenda's imagination was kindled by the tales Marcus told her.

Andare in giro, accompagnarsi con
Knock about with
Does Larry’s son still knock about in his bumper car?
We’ve seen Sheila knocking about with some dubious types.

Knock back
The mechanic knocked me back eighty pounds… a real rip-off!

Bere molto
Knock back
The wino knocked back a full bottle of whiskey in a minute.

Knock down
They knocked down the old village to build new blocks.

Colpire, investire
Knock down
The car knocked the pedestrian down and ran away.

Finire di lavorare
Knock off
I knocked off early to avoid the traffic jam.

Knock on
Celia’s knocking on forty.

Lavorare sodo, darci sotto
Knock out
The team completed the plan on time because they knocked themselves out.

Stendere, buttare giù
Knock out
That strong antibiotic knocked me out.
The champion knocked out the challenger.

Fare rapidamente, preparare
Knock up
Sheila knocked up a fantastic meal in five minutes.




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