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Talk somebody around
They were really obstinate, but I talked them around to my conclusion.

Girare intorno ad un argomento
Talk around something, Talk round something
The teacher talked around the subject and avoided saying anything related to the topic.
During the conference the politician talked round the subject and didn't tackle the main issues.

Parlare senza curarsi degli interlocutori
Talk at somebody
Ed's doesn't talk to you, he talks at you… you can't have a real conversation with him.
My teacher used to talk at me without letting me answer.

Rispondere in modo brusco, senza il dovuto rispetto
Talk back to somebody
Emily got into the habit of talking back to her tutor.

Ridurre al silenzio, azzittire
Talk somebody down
I tried to explain, but she just talked me down by speaking in a loud and domineering manner.
Dan talks down to everybody… he likes to think he’s better than we are!

Dare istruzioni tecniche per l’atterraggio
Talk somebody down
During the approach for landing they talked the pilot down by giving
instructions from the airport.

Parlare dando poca importanza, sminuire
Talk something down
Try to be honest, Ronald… you shouldn't talk down your own masterstroke.

Parlare con arroganza
Talk down to somebody
The teacher was always talking down to the students like they were idiots.

Convincere, persuadere
Talk somebody into of something, Talk somebody into doing something
I wasn’t very keen on the idea, but Mandy talked me into her side.
Pat didn't want to enter my apartment, but I finally managed to talk her into it.
I eventually managed Talk Ellen into buying a new sofa.

Convincere a non fare, dissuadere
Talk somebody out of something
Sheila tried to talk him out of stopping the relationship.
Peter, how did you talk the cop out of paying the fine?

Trattare in dettaglio un argomento fino a risolvere
Talk something out, Talk out something
We need to discuss the plan thoroughly… we have to talk it out.
They organised a group where people could talk out their problems.

Discutere a fondo
Talk something over with somebody
Sandy found it helpful to talk all the facts over with me.
Just a moment… I'd like to talk things over with Sally first, and see what she thinks.
Let's talk over the matter with the others, before we make a decision.

Persuadere, portare qualcuno a pensarla diversamente
Talk somebody round to something
Wendy finally managed to talk Marc round to her points of view.

Aiutare a capire
Talk somebody through something
Go to the information bureau: someone will talk you through the right platform.

Parlare di qualcosa per arrivare a comprendere
Talk something through
I'll talk it through with mum and dad, and let you know.
It sounds like a good idea, but… let’s talk it through before we do anything.

Vendere enfatizzando
Talk something up, Talk up something
They talked up the shopping mall to encourage the visitors, but it was a tourist trap.
The door-to-door salesman talked up the new product.




Distinguere fra due persone o cose
Tell somebody apart, Tell something apart
I couldn't tell the twins apart… they looked so alike!
I could scarcely believe my eyes: Frank had a problem with telling his left from his right.
It's very difficult to tell a forged note apart from a real one and judge which is which!

Rappresentare un elemento sfavorevole
Tell against somebody, Tell against something
His lack of experience told against John and made him more likely to fail.
Emma’s inaccuracy is bound to tell against him for that job, if she ever decides to change…

Distinguere uno dall’altro
Tell somebody from somebody, Tell something from something
I can’t see the difference between them… they look so similar that I can’t tell Ed from Brian.

Criticare, sgridare, riprendere
Tell somebody off
Emily told Brian off for being too playful at her birthday party.
Ed told me off because I was late for the third time this week.
I'll have to tell Danil off about leaving the door unlocked.

Incolpare, fare il nome di qualcuno, far la spia
Tell on somebody
I can’t believe that… my sister Dorothy has told on me!
I'll tell on you if you take my bicycle again… I'll tell on you!

Produrre un effetto negativo
Tell on something
Sharon'd been few months in the job and the stress was beginning to tell on her health.




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