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Prendersi cura di qualcuno, qualcosa
Look after someone or something
Mandy used to look after the child when his parents were out.

Riflettere sul passato
Look back on something
During the celebration, they started looking back on their long-lasting career.

Disprezzare, guardare dall’alto in basso
Look down on somebody
Patrick’s so snooty, always looking down on simple people.

Non vedere l’ora di fare qualcosa
Look forward to something
I’m looking forward to be there!

Fare un salto da qualcuno
Look in on somebody
She’s not in good conditions: I’ll look in on her as soon as I can.

Approfondire, prendere dettagli, esaminare
Look into something
The weather is going to worsen, but it’s better to look into forecast before starting.

Look like somebody, Look like something
Your brother Sam looks like his father. but you really don’t.

Assistere passivamente
Look on something
A group of people were looking on inactively whilst the poketpicker attacked the old man.

Considerare una persona
Look on someone
I confess I always looked on you as a special person.

Far attenzione
Look out at somebody, Look out at something
Look out for Frank… keep a watch for him: it seems he disappeared.
When you get the crossroad look out carefully: it’s a so dangerous place.

Look over somebody, Look over something
The teacher had to look over many applicant for the selection.
The report doesn’t work well: it needs a deep looking-over.

Rivolgersi per un aiuto, un incoraggiamento
Look to someone for something
If I need a tip I call Jo: he always has something to suggest.

Cercare in un dizionario, in una mappa, in un manuale
Look up something
I don’t remember the film director’s name: I'll have to look it up on the movie dictionary.

Visitare informalmente
Look up somebody
When I'm in New York the next week, I'll be sure to look Sandy up.

Ammirare, avere una buona opinione
Look up to somebody
Everyone looks up to Ellis because she always knows the right reply to your question.



Occuparsi, prendersi cura
See about something
You’d better see about buying a new car before your jalopy breaks down.
Calm down Linda: I’ll see about your problems.

Trovare qualità particolari in qualcuno
See something in somebody, See something in something
Jo finds Lisa irresistible, but I really can't understand what he sees in her.
Listen to me, Jo… read that comedy: you’ll see an irresistible caustic sense of humour in it.

Festeggiare il capodanno, l’anno nuovo
See in
We’ve planned to see the New Year in all together.

See into something
The police started seeing into the suspected list.

See somebody in, See somebody into
The doctor was expecting me in his office and his registrar saw me in.
Like every Friday Ed saw Meg into her house.


Salutare qualcuno alla partenza
See somebody off
Hey guys, let’s come to the airport to see Jenny off.

Cacciare via, Vincere, sopraffare
See somebody off, See something off
If any intruder tries to come into the garden, the dogs will see him off in no time.
She saw the dog off, throwing a bone in the garden.

Sconfiggere, vincere
See off somebody
Unexpectedly, the challengers saw off the home team… really an unforeseen result!

Accompagnare all’uscita, alla porta
See somebody out
The Hotel’s doorman saw the tourists out, bringing their luggages to the cab.
I'll see myself out… don’t worry: I know how to leave the building.

Sopravvivere al tempo, alle difficoltà
See out something, See something out
Our factories need new technologies now that it's going to see out a strong competition.
William’s really old… the doctor think he won't see the week out.

Far provvista per una durata sufficiente
See out something
Wendy got enough cigarettes and wine to see all the party out.

Visitare, vedere qualcosa da comprare con cura
See over, See round
We saw over (saw round) the house in every detail before making our offer.

Capire con chi si ha a che fare, la vera indole di una persona
See through somebody
Geena saw through John efforts to deceive her, displaying a new sports car and sharp suit.
Ted, you’re always able to see through everyone, even the most deceptive character.

Aiutare qualcuno
See somebody through
We have to see Ryan through, in this difficult moment of his life.

Continuare un lavoro fino alla fine, terminare
See something through (to see something out)
Harry never stops working… he's determined to see the job through!

Occuparsi di qualcosa, aiutare
See to something
Ed, can you see to it that the telephone goes? Yesterday no calls could be put through.
Ted’s dog needs feeding twice a day…  Nelly's seeing to that.
Please see to it that no one enters without identification.




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