Social Life

S  O  C  I  A  L

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Avere un modo di fare simpatico
To have winning ways
Frank is welcome at every party we give: he really has winning ways!


Accattivarsi la simpatia degli altri

To find one's way into the people's hearts
She was such a lovely girl, that she always found her way into people's hearts.


Avere una buona comunicativa, un buon modo di fare con tutti

(to have) a common touch
How to explain that to the Japanese group? Let's send Ed: he has a common touch with just about anyone!
Did you see Belinda? She has a real common touch... she's going to bring the freshmen out!


Comportarsi come si deve, educatamente
To mind one's Ps and Qs
You'd better mind your Ps and Qs when we are at grandmother's dinner: it's a formal occasion, with all our parents.


Essere su di giri
To be full of beans
Let's see Gino dancing: he's full of beans!


Essere esuberanti, avere verve
To have oomph (to have get-up-and-go)
He's such a lively person, with plenty of oomph and get-up-and-go!


Essere orgogliosi, fieri

To hold one's head up high
He was so funny holding his head up high, walking all dressed up walking arm in arm with his girlfriend.


Andare d'accordo con qualcuno
To see eye to eye with someone
I don't like Jim, but when it's to do with football, I see eye to eye with him.


Essere in disaccordo

To be at odds
Becky has been at odds with her colleagues over the new night shift.


Essere molto interessati a qualcuno, a qualcosa

To have a thing about someone, about something
He's asking about you all the time: he's really got a thing about you.


Ingraziarsi, accattivarsi, ruffianarsi

to curry favor
Thelma has been working hard to curry favor with the management of the company.
Betsy's so toady... she betrayed her firends to curry favor with the Reverend Mother.


Avere a che fare
To have truck with
The owner of the factory gave in to the demands of his workers, as he didn't want any truck with them.


(dover) avere a che fare, trovarsi a fare i conti

To (be) stuck with someone, with something
So, working in the company you'll be stuck with me!
If you like Fiona you'll be stuck with her difficult character...

Riconoscere qualcosa a qualcuno

To hand it to somebody
We've got to hand it to Tricia: she's not a genius, but she knows how to show what she has studied!
I've to hand it to you, Casey... when you sleep you do it in a big way.


Avere la faccia tosta

To have a lot of cheek
He had a lot of cheek, begging her pardon after having touched her again and again, in the middle of the crowd.


Solleticare l'interesse
To tickle someone's fancy
After more than an hour talking and talking, I hope I tickled her fancy!


Essere al passo con gli altri
To go with the flow
Kevin is a good person to hang around with, as he always just goes with the flow.


Andare contro tendenza
To go against the grain
He's so individual and peculiar, going against the grain, especially when he wants to show how original he is.


Decidere all'ultimo momento
To play something by ear
Let's arrange the appointment now, then we'll play it by ear.


Prendere per certo
To take something as read (to take someone's word for something)
I'll be there in a minute, take it as read! Take my word for it!


Uscire per divertirsi, bere e ballare
To paint the town red
After the training was finished, all the guys went out to paint the town red.


Più siamo, più ci divertiamo
The more the merrier
Let them all come with us: the more the merrier!


Trattare in guanti bianchi

To treat someone with kid-gloves
Sheila is so moody and fussy: it's better you treat her with kid-gloves when you go out with her tonight.


Fare una grande accoglienza

To put out the flags
Thank you for the warm wonderful welcome: you've put out the flags for us!


Apparire ridicoli

To have an egg on one's face
Albert had an egg on its face for the loss of credibility... he behaved like a burk!
Our new teacher?... He had been made to look so stupid by talking nonsense… he really had egg on his face!


Nessuno può rimanere solo

No man's an island
Come on, Dan... come with us tonight! You're becoming introverted by never going out! no man's an island!


To let one's hair down
She made me laugh my head off, I really let my hair down!


Un gran casino, un macello
All hell broke loose
All hell broke loose in the disco when the plastered guy tried to touch Sam's girlfriend.


In carne ed ossa (quando si incontra un personaggio famoso)

In the flesh
Incredible but true: there she was, in the flesh, the famous actress just back from the nominations


Qualcosa di noioso
To be as dull as ditchwater
I can't stand Harry, speaking all the time about his football club! He really is as dull as ditchwater!


Una noia, una palla, una rottura

For the birds
We went to listen to the lecture: it was so boring, so meaningless... it was for the birds!


Far venire il latte alle ginocchia
To bore the pants off someone
She's nice, but so heavy: she never talks and she hardly responds at all: she really bores the pants off me!


Quando un'idea non piace, non convince gli altri

(not) to relish the idea
I'm sorry I didn't come: I didn't relish the idea of seeing that film.


Storcere il naso
To turn one's nose up
When they told him how much there was to pay, he turned his nose up and left.


Dare buca
To pike somebody
Sorry Joan, there was a misunderstanding: it wasn't my intention to pike you!


Fremere di impazienza
To have butterflies in one's stomach
I always have butterflies in my stomach before meeting a new girl!


Aspettare un'eternità
To cool one's heels
I called Lucy and we arranged an appointment, but I had to wait forty minutes for her. I had to cool my heels!


Dissolversi nel nulla
To disappear into thin air
Do you know anything about him? He's disappeared into thin air!


Apparire dal nulla
To appear out of the blue
Hey John, what a nice surprise! You've appeared out of the blue!


Restare stupiti nel vedere qualcuno (o qualcosa), girarsi due volte
To do a double-take
I had to do a double-take before recognizing her, when she was shopping on the other side of the street.


Conversare a lungo, amichevolmente
To chew the fat
Harry and Sally were drinking beer and chewing the fat, whilst the party was going on.


Intrattenersi, mescolarsi, prendere contatto

To rub shoulder with someone
The city's glitterati used to rub shoulders with donning gentlemen and stunning girls.


Intrufolarsi, aggregarsi, imbucarsi

To latch on to somebody
Charlie's used to latch on to the groups so as to talk with pretty students...

Far ascoltare ed accettare i propri argomenti, a tutti i costi

To ram something down somebody's throat
The lecturer is so intrusive: he enjoys ramming his political points of view down our throats!


Senza discussioni

On the nod
We were starving to death, so the dinner proposal went through on the nod.


Capire come ragiona una persona
To understand what makes someone tick
She's so strange and moody... none of us can understand what makes her tick.


Non riuscire a far cambiare posizione a qualcuno
To cut no ice with
Trying to explain what happened was a waste of time: it cut no ice with her.


Non lasciarsi incantare, non farsi abbindolare
Flattery will get you nowhere
I'm not going to give you a lift, Sally, so you can stop complimenting me: flattery will get you nowhere!


Interrompere qualcuno
To stop someone short
I'm sorry: no time left! I have to stop you short.


Parlare di un problema per chiarirlo
To pick a bone with someone (to take someone up on something)
She's going to pick a bone with me (to take me up on something)... I didn't wait for her at the appointment we arranged for New Year's Eve!


Chiedere in ginocchio, supplicare

On bended knee
Kim felt guilty so he went down on bended knee to ask Lisa to forgive him.


Far capricci, piagnucolare per avere qualcosa

To turn on the waterworks
I don't like kids: they are so temperamental, turning on the waterworks for toys and sweets.


Non voler fare qualcosa

To draw the line at
Sally likes clubs, but she confessed to drawing the line at dancing all night long, every weekend like Sheila does.


Avere sempre una scusa per brontolare
To have a peg to hang a grievance on
The old lady always had a peg to hang her grievance on, complaining all the time about public transport.


Dire sciocchezze
To talk bollocks (to talk rubbish)
Forget Jimmy: he's always talking bollocks! (talking rubbish!)


Rompere le scatole, scocciare

To bug
I'm trying to concentrate! So, please... don't bug me now!
Ugh, what a bore! Dan's been bugging me all the time...
I've to work extra hours for no extra money... It really bugs me!


Far una scenata esagerata per una sciocchezza
To make a drama out of a crisis (to make a mountain out of a mole-hill)
Please stop making a drama out of a crisis (a mountain out of a mole-hill): I didn't want to offend you... it was only a joke, believe me!


Una mischia piena di casino, una "caciara", una rissa
A free-for-all (a brawl, a rumble, a donnybrook, a mêlée)
Everybody joined in the argument: it was a bit of a free-for-all.
The end of the match sparked a free-for-all in the pub.


Qualcosa di negativo ed inevitabile

To be in the nature of the beast
Emma and Tom are a nice couple, even if they always argue. Nothing strange: it's in the nature of the beast.


Ricevere poche attenzioni
To get short shrift
You're giving my problems short shrift, but talking hours about yours... I don't like that!


Fare una "gaffe", fare una "grezza"
To put one's foot in one's mouth (to drop a brick)
I'm sorry, I really put my foot in my mouth by saying such a bad thing!


(avere) un'istruzione di base

The three Rs ('readin', 'riting, 'rithmetic)
He's a good brick, even if he's a simple person: having been brought up in the countryside, he only received the three Rs education.


Atteggiarsi, essere spocchiosi, tirarsela

To lord it over
Lisa’s just been promoted and she enjoys lording it over her workmates...


Can che abbaia non morde

Somebody's bark is worse than their bite
That bloke's a bit surly, but his bark is worse than his bite.


Prendersi gioco di qualcuno

To take somebody for a ride
Lora didn't love you at all, she was taking you for a ride!


Prendere in giro, prendere per i fondelli

To take the piss (out of somebody)
They're always taking the piss out of Dan because he's very touchy.
"You should go to the disco more often… you such a good dancer!” – “Hey dude… are you taking the piss?”
Ten pounds for this bottle of crappy wine… that’s taking the piss!


Sfottere, prendere in giro con un obiettivo preciso

To lead someone up the garden path
I can't stand Marion's manners: that's why I always lead her up the garden path during our gatherings.


Urtare la suscettiblità di qualcuno, far arrabbiare

To harm a hair on somebody's head
She was so in love with him that she never would harm a hair on his head.


Essere arrabbiati con qualcuno

To be mad at someone
Don't be so mad at me! I never forced you into mind games.


Essere criticati duramente

Taken the flak
Albert has taken a lot of flak for his views on East European women.


Ridere alle spalle

to be laughing up one's sleeve
I don't like the way you're laughing up your sleeve, because you found her shyness ridiculous... mind your own business!


Non aver effetto, rimbalzare

To be like water off a duck's back
Jack is so acid with his sarcastic humour, but it doesn't work with me: it's like water off a duck's back.



To cut somebody to the quick
The way they grudgingly accepted us at the party cut me to the quick.


(far) perdere la pazienza
Someone's patience wearing thin
Pay attention! My patience is wearing thin!


Avere maniere scostanti
To be off-putting
I've had enough of your bad manners: you're so off-putting!


Farla grossa, aver esagerato
To take the biscuit
She took the biscuit when she started looking down on us at the party: it was too much!


Reagire, uscire da uno stato di inferiorità o sudditanza

The worm has turned
Jill has always been obedient, but days ago she told me to stop doing things my own way... mmmh: the worm has turned!


To get it off one's chest
Try to get it off your chest, and tell me all of that bad story!


"Cantarla" a qualcuno
To give someone a piece of one's mind
She really gave me a piece of her mind: she warned me never to joke about racism.


Cercare guai, cercar rogna
Cruising for a bruising
The group of yobs drank a lot of beer and then they left the pub, cruising for a bruising.


Sistemare i conti con qualcuno

To settle old scores
I will not sleep a wink till the day I can settle all old scores with him!


Vendicarsi, prendersi una rivincita

To get even with somebody
Tricia, stop it! You just try to get even with Ed for your past argument.. you'd better break off.


Stare alla larga, chiamarsi fuori

To keep one's nose clean
After the ringleader was arrested, Ben decided to keep his nose clean.


Andarsene perchè indesiderati, levarsi di mezzo, filare via

To take a hike (often imperative)
The police are coming to clear us out... c'mon boys... take a hike!


E' difficile riconquistare una reputazione perduta
To give a dog a bad name (and hang him)
Since the scandal broke out it's been a hard life for Jim... you know: give a dog a bad name!


Difficile che una persona (o una cosa) possa cambiare o migliorare
Why break the habit of a lifetime?
We don't believe that Peter will stop going out with the wrong people: why break the habit of a lifetime?


Avere qualcuno in proprio potere

To have someone by the short and curlies
He couldn't really say 'no' when she asked him to lie for her: she had him by the short and curlies!


Abbassarsi a tutto, umiliarsi pur di ottenere qualcosa
To stoop to something
He would stoop to anything in the name of his career and social climbing.


Flettersi alla volontà (al desiderio) di qualcuno
To dance to someone's tune
OK, OK, we'll stay at home watching the telly, but I think that I'm dancing to your tune!


Tacere per mantenere calma la situazione
To hold one's tongue in order to keep peace
All in all, it was better to hold our tongues after seeing that bad quarrel.


Nascondere qualcosa
To sweep something under the carpet
You're not telling me the truth! You are sweeping something under the carpet!


Scoprire qualcosa, sollevare un vespaio
To open a hornet's nest
I discovered her love letters whilst cleaning the drawer... I never suspected that I was opening a hornet's nest!


Gettare fumo agli occhi
To pull the wool over somebody's eyes
Edward tells his fantastic past to every girl he meets: maybe he is trying to pull the wool over their eyes.


Guardare qualcuno in cagnesco

To look daggers at someone
Amanda started looking at daggers at me with mean eyes... no one knew the reason why!


Trattare qualcuno molto male
To walk all over somebody
I can't stand the impolite way you treat Lona! You really walk all over her!


Quando è troppo... è troppo

Enough is enough
Enough is enough! I really can't stand you!


Ripagare con la stessa moneta

To get even with somebody
Ted swore he'd get even with Beverly: she really went too far at the last party.


Mandare a quel paese qualcuno
To tell someone where to get off (to get lost)
I kicked up a stink, and when I saw that she didn't even try to justify her behaviour, I told her where to get off! Get lost!


Calmare le acque

To take the heat off
The dean's resignation over the freshers' scandal has taken the heat off the criticism he had to deal with.


Il piacere di non vedere più qualcuno sgradito (o qualcosa di negativo)

To be glad to see the back of somebody, of something
Last night we had a farewell party for Mary, but I'm glad to see the back of her… I'm glad she’s gone.
The bad weather came and went and I was glad to see the back of it: I can’t stand the rain.
There was sadness over Ed’s departure: he was strange but we’re far from being glad to see the back of him.


Bere alcoolici per dimenticare

Drown one's sorrows
It's better you try to forget her in a different way, instead of drowning your sorrows.





Il migliore in assoluto

The cream of the crop
Sean's the best teacher here, he's really the cream of the crop
When the company hire new employees they look for the cream of the crop.


Una persona molto intelligente

An egghead
Ben made very good grades in school... he's an egghead!


Una persona positiva, propositiva

(to be) a good sport (a good egg)
Sam is a really sociable person: always talking and enjoying the company... he's a good sport! (a good egg!)


Una persona molto attiva, sempre occupata

A busy bee
Ned? A busy bee... he's always doin' a lot of things!


Uno stakanovista, uno che si identifica con l'azienda, con il lavoro

A company man
George values his job for more than anything else... he's a company man, he'll work till he die!


Uno che ci crede, una persona fanatica, un "gasato"

Al?... full of eagerness… he’s gung-ho about his new job at the school.
Peter’s a gung-ho: he loves extreme sports... he’s always very eager to do something dangerous.

Una faccia di bronzo

Of all the nerve
We are no longer on speaking terms, and he still expects me to say "hello" to him... of all the nerve!


Un testone, uno testardo

A bull-headed
Peter’s determined to get what he wants… He’s so bull-headed!
Al, you’ve to admit that others' opinions are just as good as yours… don't be so bull-headed!


Un rompipalle, un rompiscatole
A pain in the arse (a pain in the neck)
John is a good person, but such a pain in the arse! (in the neck!)


Un guastafeste (ironico)
A party pooper
Sheila will never call you again! You're such a party pooper, always spoiling the guys' enjoyment by disapproving everything.


Uno che si lamenta sempre
A misery guts
The old misery guts was always complaining about modern society.


Una persona strana, lunatica, inaffidabile

A crackpot
Tom's a total crackpot... you never know what he will do in a party.


Uno alle prime armi, inesperto

A green
I'm sorry Ned: you can't depend on me to do that... I'm a real green.


Uno stupido, un cretino
(to be) half-witted (booby, duffer, jerk)
How can you respect him? He's an idler and really half-witted (booby, duffer, jerk).


(essere) un pò scemo
Not to be the full shilling (to have a screw loose)
He's not completely stupid, just not quite the full shilling!


Uno svitato, fuori di testa

(to be), unhinged
Nigel?... he has been unhinged for months now... he's basically crazy!


Un furbastro, uno che ci prova sempre

A smooth operator; a shrewd operator
Nigel's so good at persuading people getting what he wants... he's a smooth operator!
Albert a good friend? He's a shrewd operator... you know you can't trust him!


Una persona scaltra, un furbo

No flies on somebody
He's a wily person, ready to grab every opportunity... no flies on him!


Una persona sgradevole, da tener lontano
A creep
Keep your distance from me, you creep! You make my skin crawl!


Una persona non bella, non attraente

(to be) no oil painting, a plain Jane
Belinda's intelligent, open-minded, agreeable but... to be honest she's no oil painting!
If Fiona'd been a plain Jane, she wouldn't have had all Marc's attention!


Una persona veramente brutta
(to be) a minger (A face like the back of a bus)
She is a very deep intelligent person, but she's a minger! She has got a face like the back of a bus!


Un ubriacone
A wino, a soaker, a boozer, a barfly
The poor wino was rummaging in the rubbish, looking for some alcohol.


Un tipaccio, uno di cui è meglio non fidarsi
(to be) a nasty piece of work
I don't like Benjamin and I can't rely on him: I think he's a nasty piece of work.


Qualcuno veramente negativo
Someone from hell
You cousin is the worst person I ever met: the relative from hell!


I cafoni, la gentaglia
Some of the shops that sell the cheap stuff are full of noisy riff-raff.
The club doesn't want to let riff-raff in, pushing and shoving.





Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro
A good friend is worth their weight in gold
I had been thinking that things were going from bad to worse, when you arrived to help me... a good friend is worth their weight in gold.


Diventare amici
Take up with somebody
I'm so happy that we soon took up with Joe.


Patti chiari amicizia lunga
Plain speaking breeds long friendship
I don't want to see what happened between us happen again! I told you... plain speaking breeds long friendship.


Amici quando fa comodo
Fair weather friends
After they ignored all my last invitations, I don't consider them good friends, they are more like fair weather friends.


Avere amici "in alto"
To have friends in high places (at court)
I think we could work out that project: I have friends in high places (at court) in that company.


Un vero amico si vede nel momento del bisogno
A friend in need is a friend indeed
After I had called him, he knocked at my door in ten minutes flat, bringing candles for the black-out: a friend in need is a friend indeed.


Un "amico comune"
A mutual friend
They met during a dinner party, having a mutual friend who invited them.


Essere amici per la pelle
To be joined at the hip (to be bosom buddies)
Nothing can undermine our mutual respect: we are joined at the hip (bosom buddies)!


Un amico fedele
A faithful friend
He was always so loyal to me... a really faithful friend.


Un amico di vecchia data
A friend of long-standing.
Francis? We met for the first time at University... we really are friends of long-standing.


Semplicemente un'amica
A woman friend ("J.G.F." just good friends)
She is not my girl friend, she is only a woman friend of mine: J.G.F.!


Un consiglio d'amico
A piece of friendly advice
Don't see them anymore: they are bad company... I'm only giving you a piece of friendly advice.


Un amico non visto da molto tempo
A long-lost friend
I haven't seen you in the month of Sundays! You're here after so many years abroad, long-lost friend!


Mollare un amico
To drop a friend
I'll never drop a friend in a moment of need.


Tornare amici come prima
To bury the hatchet
After our frank explanation, I think we can bury the hatchet.


Lasciarsi da buoni amici
To part as good friends
Never mind Jack, our points of view are too different, let's part as good friends.


Amici e conoscenti
Friends and acquaintances
They invited friends and acquaintances for the dinner party.


Una conoscenza superficiale
A nodding acquaintance
I really can't say anything about her: she was only a nodding acquaintance.


Bell'amico che sei! Begli amici!
With friends like that who needs enemies?
He promised to help me and to come immediately, but I am still waiting on the road with the car's engine packed up... with friends like those, who needs enemies?!


Un amico malfidato
A snake in the grass
Don't believe in Jerry's toady manners: he's trying to take you in: he's a snake in the grass.





Parlare di sesso, da parte dei genitori
The birds and the bees
When John was of a certain age, his father took him to one side and told him about the birds and the bees.


Far capire il proprio desiderio sessuale
To get fresh
She was really cheeky dancing so close to Nick, plainly showing she wanted to get fresh with him.


Un segnale sessuale, un "ingaggio"

A come-on
Don't be so foolish Albert, be cool! Mandy was just smiling, it really wasn't a come-on!
When you enter the pub always start giving the come-on to the birds... Al, you're so trivial!


Eccitare, stimolare

To light one's fire
Kate was so demanding when it came to sex... John finally lit her fire and made a trembling mess of her!

Un porcaccione che tocca tutte le ragazze, un polipo

Wandering hands
Andy is famous for his wandering hands, that's why all the girls don't want to go out with him.


Far sesso
To have one's wicked way
I think Marcus should have had his wicked way with Liz, when he brought her to spend the whole week-end in the countryside.


Attività sessuale (ironico)
A bit of how's your father
I heard they used the hotel elevator for a bit of how's your father!


Aver sesso regolarmente
To get one's oats
Socially, they are a brilliant couple, and I'm sure they get plenty of oats!


Sesso occassionale
One-night stand
She confessed that having a one-night stand with him was a very frustrating sexual experience.


Usare sessualmente la donna, scopare
To get one's rocks off
I'm sure that Philip is dating Alice just to get his rocks off... he confessed to me that he feels nothing for her.


Attraente fisicamente (maschile e femminile)
A bit of all right
Did you ever meet Julia? Cor! She's a bit of all right.


Un bel "bocconcino", una ragazza sensuale
A bit of stuff (a bit of skirt, of totty, a piece of ass)
Have you seen Sally's new friend? She's a nice bit of stuff (a nice bit of totty, a piece of ass)!


Una donna attraente, che fa girare la testa
A head-turner
She's a such a head-turner: the way she walks is always a show stopper.


Far la gattina
To be kittenish
Jane is so girly and sensual and, what's more, she's so kittenish... it's hard to resist her!


Uno stallone senza classe, un parner ruspante
A bit of rough
Leila likes having sexual partners from lower social classes.. the last time she was with a bit of rough.. the plumber, I suppose.




Tutto è lecito in amore e in guerra
All is fair in love and war
Before knowing her Sean pretended to be a member of the Club just to get a chance to dance with her! You know... all is fair in love and war.


Colmare di attenzioni qualcuno, corteggiare
To fuss over someone
In the early days of our going out together, I used to fuss excessively over her!


Essere molto in sintonia, piacersi
To get on like a house on fire
Jerome and Cindy became friends quickly and they seem to like each other very much... they're getting on like a house on fire.


Essere al centro dell'attenzione
To be the apple of one's eye
You are the apple of my eye! I love you!


Far colpo su qualcuno
To make a hit on somebody
When John met her in the disco, she made a hit on him: he has really taken to her.


Uscire regolarmente con qualcuno
To date
After dozens of calls, Frank is finally dating Calvin's sister.


Far finta di non essere coinvolti
To play hard to get
Sally always plays hard to get when she first meets a guy that she fancies... she knows that this will make them more interested.


Andare con chi capita, con Tizio, Caio e Sempronio
Tom, Dick and Harry
She is not very choosy: she goes out with any old Tom, Dick and Harry.


Try to be polite with her, and always let her pass before you: it is a matter of gallantry!


Comportarsi da cavaliere
To behave like a perfect gentleman
Even if I didn't love her, I always behaved like a perfect gentleman.


Il principe azzurro
The knight in shining armour
Yesterday she met him, and immediately he was her knight in shining armour!


Una persona (non) perfetta per qualcuno, non andar pazzi per qualcuno
(not) to be someone's cup of tea
I'm not sure about my feelings... I don't think you are my cup of tea!


Dio li fa e poi li accoppia
Birds of a feather flock together
Have you seen them? They have such similar characters and interests, it's really a case of birds of a feather!


Una infatuazione
To take a fancy to someone
From the first time I met Mandy I took a fancy to her, but it was not real love.


Prendersi una cotta
To fall for someone in a big way
I fell for her in a big way: I used to think about her all the time.


Andar pazzo per qualcuno
To be potty about someone (to fall under someone's spell, to be nuts about someone)
I'm so potty (nuts) about her (I fell under her spell), I even dream about her all night long!


Essere innamorato pazzo
To be head over heels
To be honest, I'm head over heels about you!


Stare sempre insieme
To live in each other's pockets
We were so in love that we were living in each other's pockets!


Provare una stretta al cuore
To feel a pang in one's heart
Lucy decided to stop dating me, so I felt a pang in my heart.


Far veramente felice qualcuno
To make someone's day
I have to thank you for unexpectedly calling me, after so many days of silence. What a nice surprise! You really made my day!


Quel tesoro..., quell'amore...
Bless her (his, their..) cotton socks
I feel a deep affection for Lisa... bless her cotton-socks, she's always in my heart and in my mind.


La festa di fine celibato (per le donne)
A hen party
Brenda is going to marry, so she has arranged her hen party for this weekend.



To get hitched (to tie the knot)
Diana and Chuck got hitched out in Vegas.
Who the hell do you think you are? A playboy? Suppose you try... when are you going to tie the knot?


Un marito schiavo della moglie
A hen-pecked husband
Norman will never go out with us tonight: he's too hen-pecked.


Il terzo incomodo
Two's company, three's a crowd
It's the first time we're going out together, so try to consider that two's company, three's a crowd! I don't want to see anybody else but you!


Rapporti tesi
Strained relations
They are not exactly a happy couple: their relations are strained!


La sbandata è passata
It has worn off
After years spent living together, their passion has worn off.


Essere completamente diversi
To be as different as chalk and cheese
There is nothing between you and me: we're as different as chalk and cheese.


Finire una relazione, lasciarsi
To get the boot; to give the boot
They split because of Tom's secret letters: she found and read some of them, and then decided to give him the boot!


Cercare di riprendersi da una separazione
To be on the rebound
Cindy is on the rebound: she went straight into another relationship after her marriage broke up... but it doesn't work.





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