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Stare addosso, tormentare
Be after someone, Be after something
The police are investigating… they are after you!
Fiona’s so stubborn… she's still after Rod.
Lisa’s so crafty: she visits her grandma every weekend… she’s after her jewels!

Martellare costantemente
Be at someone
Meg’s continually at me… she wants me to stop smoking.

Metter mano sulle cose degli altri
Be at something
Have you seen my cigarettes, Marc? Somebody’s been at them!

Disporre in grande quantità, abbondare
Be awash with
The university’s library is awash with historical books: it has too many really.

Essere in una lista, essere inseriti in qualcosa
Be down for something
Ed’s still down for the departure at the booking office… there’s a long waiting list.

Aspettarsi qualcosa, essere pronti
Be in for something
Are you in for a bad new? They towed away your car.

Rimanere delusi
Be in for something
Believe me Jack… you’ll only be in for a disappointment going out with her.

Cercare grane
Be in for something
Did you see those guys? They’re in for trouble.

Partecipare, essere convolto
Be in on something
So, guys… who’s in on the new travel plan?

Essere appassionato di qualcosa
Be into something
So, Geena, you’re into fine arts… that’s fantastic!

Essere in buoni rapporti, avere familiarità
Be in with somebody
Jim’s well in with our friends… he’s a people person and they really like him.

Essere pianificato, programmato
Be on
Don’t be sad: the opening was yesterday, but the exhibition is still on!

Prendere delle medicine, continuare a curarsi
Be on something
Pamela has a lot of problems, she’s still on painkillers.

Parlare continuamente delle stesse cose
Be on about somebody, Be on about something
Sheila’s persistently on about clubs and clothes… she’s so dull!

Essere vicino a scoprire, a prendere
Be on to somebody, Be on to something
The police were on to the burglar.
I know, I know… I’m on to the solution of the problem.

Essere determinati, puntare al risultato
Be out for something
Frank aims directly at getting what he looks for, he’s out for all the money he can get.

Non avere più nulla, aver finito qualcosa
Be out of something
I can’t cook: we’re out of food… the fridge is empty!

Essere alla fine
Be up
Let’s go: time’s up and the lesson is over.

Essere messi a confronto
Be up against somebody, Be up against something
In the class you’ll be up against very promising pupils.
Our small factory was up against market leaders, and the competition was tough.

Essere alle prese con qualcosa
Be up to something
After years of experiments the scientist was up to a discovery.
Ray… I hope you haven't been up to any mischief while I was working!

Essere in grado di fare qualcosa
Be up to something
You can try, but I don’t think you’re up to standard.

Comprendere, seguire un ragionamento
Be with somebody
It's sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction in what Tom says… I’m not with him.
Look at it whichever way you like... I’m not with you! Why you didn’t ask me first?

Supportare, incoraggiare
Be with somebody
Ed, we’re all with you, even if they claimed that you were selling drugs!



Avere pregiudizi, non avere in simpatia
Have (got) something against somebody, Have (got) something against something
I've nothing against Fiona…I just don't have much in common with her.
What have you got against my summer plans? Did you change your mind?

Esistere da lungo tempo
Have been around
The grandma’s old sofa is immortal: it has been around for many years.

Avere una grande esperienza
Have been around
Charles has been around: he was an adman, then a painter, and now he’s travelling the world.

Attaccare fisicamente o verbalmente
Have at somebody
Dan made a big mistake, and his boss really had at him for it.

Tornare con l’ex-partner, ex moglie o ex marito
Have somebody back
She had Rod back and allowed him to return home.

Riavere indietro qualcosa
Have something back
So, dear Belinda… you can have your all your books back!

Avercela con qualcuno, giurargliela
Have (it) in for somebody
Ever since I argued I've had it in for Ned who provoked me.

Assumere, fare lavorare
Have somebody in
Linda’s having the plumber in to fix these faulty water taps.

Invitare a casa, avere ospiti
Have somebody in
Dan and Gwen had the Joneses in for dinner last night.

Avere qualcosa in quantità sufficiente
Have got something in (no progressive tenses)
Have we got enough wine in for the party?

Prendere in giro
Have somebody on
You’re having me on! I don’t believe you.
Frank said I would get a lot of money for my old jalopy… I knew he was having me on!

Have something on (no progressive tenses)
Becky was terribly attractive: she had a stunning evening dress on.

Avere impegni, appuntamenti
Have (got) something on
I’m so busy this week… I've got a lot on.

Lasciare inserito, acceso
Have something on
I hate Jason! He has the stereo on all day.

Conoscere fatti negativi, avere delle prove
Have (got) something on somebody (no progressive tenses)
Calm down Ed… Mary's not worried, she has got nothing on you.
The police couldn’t arrest the rogue because they haven’t got evidences on him.

Togliere chirurgicamente
Have something out
Ron had to have his wisdom tooth out, when he came of age.

Discutere a fondo, chiarire una volta per tutte
Have something out with somebody
I need to have it out with Mandy once and for all… just tell each other the truth!

Invitare a casa propria
Have somebody over, Have somebody round
I had Mary over at the whole weekend.
Did you have your sister round yesterday?

Far accusare in tribunale qualcuno per qualcosa
Have somebody up for something (passive)
If I remember rightly, Richard was had up for bribery.
Brenda’s been had up for speeding again… she’s such a crazy driver!





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