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Succedere, accadere
Come about
How did this situation come about?

Comunicare chiaramente
Come across
Talking to her was pointless… my explanation didn’t come across well.

Imbattersi, trovare casualmente
Come across somebody, Come across something
During our last trip we came across an old friend of ours us.
Where did you come across these old books?

Dare l’impressione, apparire, sembrare
Come across as
Gwen is not beautiful, but she comes across as an interesting girl.
His creativity came across with great impact in his art exhibition.

Come after somebody
The policeman identified me in the crowd and soon came after me.

Sbrigati! Fai presto!
Come along!
Come along children… you’ll be late for school!

Progredire, andare
Come along
How's your project coming along?

Presentarsi, offrirsi
Come along
When an opportunity comes along, don’t miss it… it knocks only once!

Frantumarsi, andare in pezzi, andare a carte e quarantotto
Come apart
All our plans were coming apart because of the bad weather.

Aggredire, assalire
Come at somebody
Don’t come at me in that aggressive manner!

Andar via, venir via
Come away
Jo, come away from the roundabout! The cars are coming!

Tornare su un discorso, rispondere
Come back to something
Coming back to what we’re talking about, I agree with you.

Tornare di moda
Come back in (into)
Short hair on women is coming back into fashion and becoming glamorous again.

Tornare in mente
Come back
Her tender words came back to my mind all night long.

Procurarsi qualcosa
Come by something
How did you come by that beautiful old watch?

Tramandarsi, passare di padre in figlio
Come down from somebody to somebody
The legend of the white horse came down from the older cow-boys to their children.

Supportare, sostenere
Come down on something
The press came down on the side of a social reform.

Scendere, arrivare
Come down
The Green s came down from Scotland last week.

Rimproverare, punire
Come down on somebody
When Jill saw me with Sheila, she came down heavily on me.
Pay attention, Greg… the new traffic laws come down on unruly drivers!

Ammalarsi, prendere l’influenza
Come down with something
I came down with bad flu because of that cold piercing wind.

Dipendere, essere tutta una questione di
Come down to something
Your life style all comes down to how much you can afford, at the end of the day.

Arrivare, apparire
Come forth
Sally sent many CVs, till an offer eventually came forth from a big company.

Rivelare qualcosa
Come forward with something
He came forward with the truth that he was unfaithful.

Rivelare informazioni
Come forward with something
The police asked the witnesses to come forward with information.

Avanti, entrate!
Come in
Come on in… the door is open!

Entrare in ballo, in scena
Come in
John, remember that this is where you’ve got to come in.

Giungere, arrivare
Come in
The flight from Dublin has just come in.

Essere utile per uno scopo particolare
Come in handy
Don't throw that bag away: it might come in handy when we travel again.

Essere criticati
Come in for something
Emma’s last essay came in for a great deal of criticism.

Ricevere un’eredità
Come into
Joan came into a lot of money when her grandfather died.

Essere causa, entrarci
Come into
Cool it, David… your money doesn’t come into the problem.

Riuscire, realizzarsi
Come off
Your ideas are truly interesting, dear Jenny… but unfortunately they don’t ever come off.

Staccarsi, cadere
Come off
Hey Jo, a button’s just came off your jacket!

Andare a finire bene, a finire male
Come off, Come off
Norman, stop complaining… you didn’t come off badly in the end.

Dai, non ci credo!
Come off something
Come off it! There is no way Mark is seing Jane.

Coraggio, forza
Come on
Oh… come on! It’s the some old story all the time: I don’t believe you.

Manifestare attrazione fisica
Come on to somebody
Russel really comes on to Lisa…

Sopraggiungere, avvicinarsi
Come on
After that terribly cold winter, spring is eventually coming on.

Terminare, finire con
Come out
However hard Lisa tries her cooking, always comes out a mess.

Saltar fuori, venire pubblicato, divulgato (un evento, un fatto)
Come out in (on)
The truth is bound to come out in the news (on the telly) very soon.

Ricoprirsi, avere uno sfogo
Came out
I can’t eat fish: I always come out in a rash.

Come out on
Workers came out on strike against the wages cut.

Accadere, succedere
Come out with something
We don’t know what is going to come out with next government!

Dichiararsi contrario
Come out against something
Thomas came out against the project we presented at the meeting.

Accadere in senso negativo
Come over
I really don't know what's come over Mary: she’s so negative!

Pensare in un modo, condividere un’idea
Come over to something
You'll soon come over to my way of thinking!

Riuscire bene, aver un buon risultato
Come over
Her boyfriend’s speech came over very well to her family.

Passare da qualcuno, fare una visita
Come round
She promised to come round to see us after dinner.

Capitare di una ricorrenza, venire
Come round
Easter comes round earlier this year.

Riprendersela da un brutto momento, farsela passare
Come round
Let’s leave Jo alone… he’ll come round soon.

Passare, fare un percorso
Come round by
We came round by the longer route on the way back.

Riprender conoscenza
Come round from
Sam needed an hour to come round from fainting yesterday.

Superare una difficoltà, farcela
Come through something
We came through the recession perfectly well.

Arrivare (telefonate, documenti)
Come through
Eventually, her call came through!
Sally’s exam result hasn’t came through yet, so we can’t leave tomorrow.

Mostrare emozioni, (far) venire a galla degli stati d’animo
Come through
Just a tip: when you talk to Chris don’t let your bitterness come through.

Costare, ammontare di un pagamento, di un conto
Come to
How much does the bill come to?

Riprendere i sensi, risvegliarsi
Come to
He came to in the sofa, late in the morning, unable to remember anything.

Incontrarsi, riunirsi
Come together
It’s all coming together now.

Subire l’influenza di qualcuno
Come under
Kim has come under the influence of some bad people… for sure!

Venire incontro
Come up to somebody
She came up to me with a smile.

Andar contro, infrangersi, opporsi
Come up against something
His proposal came up against the complete opposition of the group.

Raggiungere uno standard, soddisfare un’aspettativa
Come up to
This film doesn't come up to the novel’s standards.
Jill’s interview didn’t come up to scratch so they took on another girl.

Proporre un’idea, una soluzione
Come up with
Terry usually comes up with some good ideas of where to have a dinner.
Ryan finally came up with the money to save himself from bankrupt.

Dare una spiegazione
Come up with something
Scientists are coming up with a logical explanation of changes to climate.

Provvedere, fornire qualcosa di necessario
Come up with
Frank, have you come up with the money yet?

Venire fuori con qualcosa
Come up with something
The company come up with the money to save themselves from bankruptcy.

Trovare, scoprire per caso
Come upon somebody, Come upon something
I came upon Joan returning from the shopping.
After the check-up, I came upon a particular allergy.



Procurarsi, ottenere
Go about something
I really don’t know how to go about getting the first night tickets…

Essere la prassi, regolarsi
Go about something
Can you suggest how I go about completing this application form?

Farsi i fatti propri, occuparsi delle proprie faccende
Go about one's business
I’m sorry Ed, but now I’ve to go about my own business.

Girare, circolare
Go around
Wrap yourself up warmly: bad flu is going around.
There’s a rumour going around university about you.

Andar contro ai propri principi, desideri
Go against
Eating meat goes against my principles.

Gettarsi in un’impresa, impegnarsi
Go at something
Harry went at his new job with great determination.

Procedere, andare avanti, ance in presenza di difficoltà
Go ahead with something
Tom is going ahead with his plan resolutely.
Some guest'll late but we'll go ahead with the party.

Go along
Sam, check the work as you go along!

Andar via, andarsene
Go away
Steve… you’re annoying me! Will you just go away!

Go back to something
The famous controversy goes all the way back to the seventies.

Tornare su di una decisione, rimangiarsi la parola
Go back on something
Ron is untrustworthy: he always goes back on his promises!
You can’t always break your promises: you’ve got to come with us tonight.

Go back over something
He’s very scrupulous: he always goes back over his work to make sure it’s perfect.

accadere prima, venire prima
Go before
You know… number one goes before number two.

seguire, basarsi su, attenersi a
Go by
I go by my instinct when hiring people.

Valutare, considerare in base a voci
Go by
It was a fantastic performance, going by what the crits said.
To go by appearances, he’s a good chap.

Trascorrere, passare del tempo
Go by
I feel more balanced and mature as time goes by.

Incontrare l’approvazione
Go down well with somebody
Albert loves computers, so buying him a laptop for Christmas will go down very well.

Ridursi, peggiorare
Go down in something
he has gone down in my estimation since he shouted at his wife.

Valere, essere applicabile
Go for
These rules and regulations go for you too!

Portare avanti
Go forward with something
Let’s go forward with that proposal.

Non gradire particolarmente
(not) Go in for something
To be honest, I don't go in for his new book.

Evitare di parlare di qualcosa
(not) Go into something
Jill, please… let's not go into all that again… let’s agree to disagree, OK?

Addormentarsi, cadere dal sonno
Go off
Ithe minute my head hit the pillow I went off to sleep.

Suonare di allarmi, sirene
Go off
My alarm clock goes off at 8.00 every morning.

Andare a male, guastarsi
Go off
This milk has gone off… it’s disgusting!

Non poter più vedere, non sopportare
Go off somebody
I’ve gone off Liz: she’s actually quite strange when you get to know her.

Smettere di piacere
Go off somebody, Go off something
She went off him when she found out he was not rich.
I used to drink wine but, I swear… I've gone off it.

Scappare via, andarsene con qualcuno
Go off with somebody
You’re always going off with Gwen when I’m busy… I’ve had enough!

Parlare ininterrottamente della stessa cosa
Go on about something
Janet and Susan met in the afternoon and never stopped going on about boys they liked.

Basarsi su qualcosa, fondarsi
Go on
“There’s nothing to go on…” the police said.

Assillare, tormentare
Go on at somebody
That’ll do, Sam! Stop going on at me all the time!

Persuadere qualcuno con una continua pressione
Go on at somebody
Jill wants me to stop drinking spirit: she goes on at me all the day long.

Andare avanti, protrarsi
Go on for
His violent behaviour has been going on for too long!
How long is the speaker going to go on for? I’m starving!

Esser quasi l’ora giusta per qualcosa
Go on for
It's going on for 5 o' clock... tea-time!

Uscire, andar fuori
Go out
Are you going out tonight?
Mattew and Lisa have been going out together for two years.

Ricontrollare, riguardare
Go over something
Make sure you go over your notes before the exam.

Passare ad un nuovo sistema, ad un nuovo standard
Go over to something
Mia has recently gone over to full time.

Essere accolto positivamente
Go over well
His speech went over well at the congress.

Pensare bene a qualcosa
Go over something in one’s mind
Ron went over his tutor’s reprimand in his mind all night long.




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