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Set about somebody
Jenny’s dog set me about when I entered the house.

Trattare qualcosa, esaminare un argomento
Set about something
Sam, I’m afraid you’re setting about the problem in the wrong way.
Please Jane… help me! I really don’t know how to set about it!

Accingersi a fare qualcosa, iniziare, mettere in atto
Set about (doing something)
He set about arranging his clothes in the wardrobe, before his mother’s arrival.

Creare zizzania, generare tensione
Set somebody against somebody
My neighbor set the whole street against me… the bitch!

Set somebody apart
Your intelligence sets you apart from the other people of the group.

Mettere da parte tempo, denaro
Set apart something
Lu is used to setting apart an hour each day to write her diary.

Lasciare da parte
Set aside something
Setting aside my personal feelings, I think he is guilty.

Rallentare, far accadere più tardi del previsto
Set something back
The opening has been set back by a couple of days.

Essere distante, “fuori mano”
(to be) set back from
His house is set back from the road, so you can't see it from the main road.

Far scendere
Set down somebody
The bus set Jo down on the platform right in front of the station.

Annotare, tirare giù due righe (atterrare, scendere)
Set down something
Mandy’s getting used to setting her thoughts down in her diary.

Iniziare un viaggio, un’escursione
Set off for
Are you ready to set off for the African Safari?

Iniziare, prendere piede
Set in
When Laura realized she was speaking to a large audience, the panic set in.
This bad fog looks as if it has just set in.

Scoppiare a ridere, a piangere
Set somebody off
I’ve to confess that the dramatic end of the film really set me off crying!

Far rumore, trambusto
Set off somebody, Set off something
Please Dan, stop talking about politics, or you’ll set Lucky off!
The high temperature set off the security alarm.

Valorizzare, dare risalto, vivificare
Set something off
Her white swimsuit set her tan off beautifully.

Accingersi a, predisporsi ad iniziare qualcosa
Set out
It was raining when we set out our journey early in the morning.
The new leader set out to change everything in the group.

Spiegare chiaramente, in dettaglio
Set out something
The new chief’s ideas were clearly set out in his presentation.

Iniziare ad impegnarsi, darci sotto
Set to
They set to working hard so to be able to finish the job in few hours.

Colpevolizzare ingiustamente qualcuno
Set somebody up
Lisa set him up, proclaiming that hehad committed the murder, when in reality he was innocent.

Dare il denaro sufficiente per far qualcosa
Set somebody up
Their parents set them up with enough money to start a business.

Cominciare a lavorare in proprio
Set oneself up as
Joan works for a private company, but she's about to set up on his own.

Pretendere di essere qualcuno
Set oneself up as something
Joe sets himself up as a connoisseur of diamonds, but he can’t tell you the difference between glass and the real thing.

Intraprendere un’iniziativa, un’attività
Set something up
He was good at setting up business from an early age.

Finalizzare, equipaggiarsi per terminare qualcosa
Set something up
They had all the necessary equipment for setting their exhibition up.
The government has set up a new committee to examine social problems.



Mettere in giro una voce
Put something about
She’s a chatterbox, I don’t believe half the stories she puts about.

Avvantaggiarsi facendosi valere
Put oneself across
He’s a good chap but unfortunately he’s not able to put himself across very well.

Comunicare, far capire
Put something across
Our tutor’s able to put all the ideas across in such a clear manner!

Abbuffarsi, strafogarsi
Put something away
She can put away a box of cookies in few minutes… she’s so greedy!

Sistemare, riporre
Put something away
George folded the newspaper and put it away on the desk.
Gwen began to put away a load of shopping she had brought.

Bere molto, trangugiare
Put something back
You’ll never outdrink Dan: he’s able to put too many pints back…

Criticare, umiliare
Put somebody down
Sally, why did you put Ed down as a wimp at the meeting?
A lot of students will be delighted to see the teacher put down.

Interrompere parlando sopra
Put in
“I beg to differ!” He put in rudely, in the middle of the meeting.

Dedicare energia e tempo a qualcosa
Put something in
I have to put in a lot now, in order to get ahead.

Sgradire, non piacere
Put off somebody
We all like Rachel, but her uppity puts us right off going out with her.

Liberarsi con una scusa
Put somebody off
Stop putting me off with these stupid excuses.

Scoraggiare, fare da deterrente, tenere in sospeso
Put somebody off something
Your opinion on that new film has put me off seeing it.

Ritardare, rimandare
Put something off, Put off doing something
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!
Sheila’s going on putting off her dental appointment.
There’s any meeting this afternoon… it has been put off.

Comprendere, far capire qualcosa, dare una dritta
Put somebody on to something
Mick, what put you on to our trick?

Indicare, suggerire qualcosa di utile
Put somebody on to something
He put me on to a really good depatment store nearby.

Fornire, provvedere, mettere a disposizione
Put on something
When we got up we found her putting on a good breakfast for us.

Mettere su peso, la pancia
Put on something
She’s eating too much: she’s putting on weight…

Fare finta, simulare
Put something on
Cool down, man… I’m not nervous: I was just putting it on!

Put oneself out for someone
I really put myself out for my guests by giving them my bed and sleeping on the kitchen floor.
Sam’s so generous: he’s always willing to put himself out for friends.

Essere infastiditi, irritati da qualcosa
(be) put out with (by) something
I’m put out with your frequent delays… or arrive on time or you’re fired!

Portare a termine
Put through
I put the dirty clothes through the wash.

Mettere alla prova
Put somebody through something
Lisa’s bad character is putting Marc through hell.

Mettere in comunicazione, passare la linea
Put somebody through to somebody
Put me through to the director, please.

Spingere a fare cose sbagliate
Put somebody up to something
This shameless lying isn’t like you… who’s putting you up to this?

Ospitare qualcuno
Put somebody up (somewhere)
I can put you up in the living room for a couple of days.

Proporre, suggerire idee
Put something up
At the last moment Harry put up his plan.

Tollerare, sopportare
Put up with somebody, Put up with something
Emma found it hard to put up with her bad tempered boss.

Fornire denaro, prestare, dare in cauzione
Put up something
The money for surgery was put up by charity.




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