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Apprendere profittevolmente
Lap up
Oliver absorbs facts eagerly… he laps up any information you give him.

Apprendere, prestare attenzione
Latch on
Tom didn’t know how to drive a car… he soon latched on just by watching.
I finally latched on...

Intrufolarsi. imbucarsi
Latch on to
Charlie's used to latch on to the groups so as to talk with pretty students...

Attaccare, criticare aspramente
Lay into
Gwen’s partner laid into her when she arrived late.

Dismettere, licenziare
Lay off
The company laid off a branch because the production levels fell.

Spendere un sacco di soldi
Lay out
Sally laid out a lot of money on her hen party.

Lead on
The old salesman had a special flair for leading people on to buy things they don’t need.

Non includere, lasciare fuori
Leave out
I hope I didn’t leave out anybody.

Poltrire, rimanere a letto
Lie in
You can lie in tomorrow and catch up on your sleep.

Accendere una sigaretta
Light up
Shawna lit up as she got out of the building.

Scaldarsi i muscoli
Limber up
The runners used to limber up in order to prepare their muscles for the marathon.

Credere in dei valori, in dei principi
Live by
I admire you, Dan: you always try to live by what you believe in.

Far dimenticare
Live down
I swear I'll never live it down if Patricia refuses to go out with me!
A bad reputation is hard to live down.

Vivere alle spalle di qualcuno
Live off
Ron had to live off his savings while he was looking for a job.
Sheila lives off a rich sugar daddy.

Spendere per tirare avanti
Live on
They have to live on $ 300 a week... just for basic necessities.

Sperimentare esperienze negative
Live through
Our parents lived through the horror of the Second World War.

Essere all’altezza
Live up to
So, Emily… did the journey live up to your expectations?
Belinda's striving to live up to her reputation as a smashing girl.

Soffrire una perdita economica
Lose out on
The pound is low just now, so you’re going to lose out on the exchange rate.

Essere particolarmente fortunati
Luck out
Edward really lucked out when he met Patricia.

Adescare. allettare, attirare
ure somebody into (doing) something, lure somebody with something
Sean was lured into the odd job by the offer of a high daily pay.
The shop assistant was trying to lure customers with giveaway prices.



Incrementare, aumentare
Mark up
Import is profitable because they buy things and then mark their prices up.

Ridurre prezzi, voti
Mark down
These jackets were a real bargain… they marked them down by 30%.
Many students weres marked down because of behaving badly.

Mark out
Ted’s talent marked him out from the rest.

Sposarsi all’interno di una casta, di una stessa religione
Marry in, Marry into
Religions often encorage believers to marry in.

Sposarsi al di fuori di una casta, con un'altra religione
Marry out
In multiracial cultures it is very common to marry out.

Essere compatibile
Mesh with
I’m sorry Mary… your ideas don’t mesh with mine.

Imbattersi, trovare
Meet with
The plan met with a lot of difficulties.

Meet up
They met up again in New York, at an exhibition.
Harris met with an accident.

Confondersi, sbagliarsi
Mix up
I always mix Marc and Peter up because they look so like each other.

Parlare aspramente, ad alta voce
Mouth off
Dorothy got angry and started mouthing off.

Circolare, fare posto
Move along, Move over
Move along, please! (Move over, please!)

Trascorrere il tempo in particolari ambienti
Move out
Harris only moves in the best circles.

Traslocare, trasferire
Move in
Sally’s new neighbours moved in yesterday.

Iniziare a fare altro, discutere di altro
Move on to
Norman… you've been in this company long enough: it's time you move on.
Jill, please… can we move on to another subject?

Fare spazio
Move up
Nancy, please… there's room for another one, let’s move up a bit.

Rovinare, mandare a rotoli
Muck up
Sheila’s going to prepare for the final exam because she really don't want to muck it up like the last one.

Continuare a fare qualcosa senza avere le idee chiare, tirare avanti
Muddle along, muddle on

The junior clerk complained that he was left to muddle along on his own.
Oh, Peter... t
here's no point in muddling on in the same old job for ever... think it over!

Riuscire con difficoltà, anche solo parzialmente, tirare avanti
Muddle through
The team was limp but they managed to muddle through another championship.

Sgobbare, studiare faticosamente
Mug up on
Sheila's mugging up on English before his trip to London.

Mull over
Albert said that he'd had to mull it over before deciding… just for a change.

Farsi strada a forza
Muscle in on
Ellis muscled in on the meeting although she was not wanted.




Vattene via! Andatevene via!
Naff off
Mandy, please… tell those journalists to naff off!
Brenda was studying hard, so she told me to naff off.

Assillare, tormentare, criticare
Nag at
Thoughts have been nagging away at me since I’d argued with her.
Gwen’s boss was always nagging at her about arriving late.

Insistere, pressare per far fare qualcosa
Nag into
Alice’s family nagged me into buying a new house.

Arrivare ad un accordo
Nail down
It's been ages since I nailed down a new contract with the landlord.

Incastrare, mettere alle corde
Nail down to
It’s hard to nail Albert down on a completion date.

Narrow down to
Too many guests… we’ve to narrow the list down to a hundred people!

Chiaccherare senza tregua
Natter away
Lisa promised to help me, but she continued nattering away with her friends.

Portare via, rosicchiare
Nibble away at
Even if inflation’s low, it’s nibbling away at people's savings.

Cadere nel sonno
Nod off
The film was so boring that I slowly nodded off.

Curiosare, ficcare il naso
Nose around
Emma doesn't like the idea of someone nosing around the room.
I was nosing around Pat’s studio in order to find my pocket diary.

Scovare, fiutare informazioni
Nose out
Sally loves nosing out people's private life.

Note down
Bill noted down Randy’s cell on a slip of paper and ran away.




Parlare liberamente
Open up
Morris hates to open up and discuss.

Opt for
They opted for a bad investment and lost a lot of money.

Accettare un accordo, un contratto
Opt in
They chose to be part of the agreement and opted in.

Scegliere di non partecipare
Opt out
The UK opted out the euro.

Own up
At the end Harry owned up to breakages.




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