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Eliminare, abolire
Do away with something
You can’t do away with racism without being tolerant.
Let’s do away with the formalities and get down to brass tacks… who'll be footing the bill?
All those medicines have not done away with disease.

Essere rovinati, non avere possibilità di recupero
Be done for
If I miss the train… I’m done for!

Privare, portar via
Do someone out of something
The greedy relative did the old woman out of all of her savings.
The plumber did me out of 30 pounds.

Risistemare, rifare, riverniciare
Do up
Your tatty apartment needs doing up with new wallpaper.

Vestirsi bene, agghindarsi, mettersi in tiro
Do oneself up
Liz, don't bother doing yourself up, we’ re only going for a drink!

Rimodernare, rinnovare case, edifici
Do something up
They’re doing up the council offices.

Chiudere, allacciare, abbottonare
Do something up
Sally asked me to do up her dress.
Shawna's skirt does up at the back.

Incartare, dare il tocco finale
Do something up
Sheila always does her gifts up in special paper.

Aver bisogno
Do with something
I’m knackered… I could do with some sleep!

Fare a meno, rinunciare
Do without something
They had no wine left, so they had to do without it.




Inseguire, cacciare
Make after
The huntsmen were riding through the woods making after the fox.

Rubare, scappare con la refurtiva
Make away with something
The burglar opened the strongbox and made away with money and jewels.

Andare in una direzione
Make for
Bill and Sheila seem made for each other.
If you want to go shopping you’ve got to make for the town centre.
After Madrid we shall make for Paris.

Generare un particolare risultato
Make for something
Religion and eating habits make for a spiritual vision of life, in the Far East.
My dear… arguing doesn’t make for an happy relationship!

Avere un’opinione di una persona, pensare di qualcuno
Make of somebody
What do you make of Lisa’s new friends? He’s a good chap.
What do you make of me?...what kind of person do you think am I… a fool?

Comprendere, capire qualcuno
Make of somebody
I really don’t know what to make of Mandy… I can’t understand her!

Andar via, dileguarsi, scappar via
Make off
Thomas made off hurriedly as he heard Jane’s husband coming in.

Rendersi conto, arrivare a capire
Make out
After months, the police were finally able to make out where the killer was hiding.

Sostenere cose false, far finta di
Make out
Don’t make out that you’re a good friend of mine: I know you’re not!

Scrivere un assegno
Make out
Harold made out a cheque for a lot of money.

Riuscire a capire, vedere sentire
Make somebody out, Make something out
I’m sorry, Belinda… I really can’t make you out!
Jim was hardly able to make out the road signs because the fog was very thick.

Fare petting, pomiciare, farsi qualcuno
Make out with somebody
He started making out with Jenny in the middle of the party… they were so kinky!

Cavarsela con una attività, con un lavoro
Make out with something
Sarah, how are you making out with your new job?
Don’t worry about Becky: she'll make out all right!

Cedere attività comerciali, negozi
Make over something to somebody
Jim made over the shop to his sister Melanie.

Inventare scuse
Make up something
Daryl makes up stories all the time, just to deceive her friends.

Rimediare, compensare
Make up for something
Yummy food made up for the rude manners of the waiter.

Rappresentare una parte di qualcosa, una percentuale
Make up of something
Daryl’s planning makes up 90% of the whole new project.

Ricambiare, contraccambiare
Make it up to somebody
Betty had given me so much… I’ll to make it up to her!
I'm sorry I can't give you a lift tonight, but I'll make it up to you somehow… I promise!




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