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L'estate di San Martino, un'estate che si prolunga in autunno (o un successo in tarda carriera)

Indian summer
This October record-breaking Indian summer allows us to go to the sea and swim!
The old writer won the prize and confessed that it came like the indian summer of his career.


C'e un tempo ed un luogo per tutto

There's a time and a place for everything
It was terrible that they were arguing in the middle of the party: there's a time and a place for everything.

Per tutto c'č il momento giusto
All in good time
It takes concentration, it's better not to do it now.. all in good time.

Le cose buone arrivano a chi sa aspettare
Good things come to those who wait
After a couple of years they were refunded their tax overpayment... good things come to those who wait.

Aspettare il momento giusto
To bide one's time
When the meeting took place, he attacked me and I didn't rebute his false charges... I'm biding my time to take revenge.

Andare al passo con i tempi
To keep abreast of the time
They always try to keep abreast of the times in how they lead the firm.

L'attimo fuggente
There is no time like the present (to seize the moment)
I know it's a quick trip but, it should still be fun nonetheless... there's no time like the present! Seize the moment!



Ahead of time
Our manager decided to start the meeting ahead of time so we could go home early.


Per tutto il tempo, sempre

All along
I knew all along that Albert would not organize the party.


Definitivamente, permanentemente

For keeps
It's so, Belinda, this little cat is ours, for keeps!


Improvvisamente, senza alcun preavviso

All at once
All at once the alarm rang so all the workers had to leave the office. 


Fino ad ora, fino ad adesso

As yet
As yet, Linda has not told us about her plans to leave the campus.


Un giorno importante, in cui inizia qualcosa (o in cui finisce)

I've definitely made up my mind to give up smoking.. tomorrow will be D-day.

Una giornata nera
Just one of those days
After many setbacks he even had a car crash... it really was one of those days!

Ancora presto per giudicare
Early days yet
He has been working here from yesterday and he's getting down to it... anyway, it's early days yet for judging.

Essere puntualissimi
To be dead on time
I'm getting used to being dead on time for appointments because I don't want other people waiting for me.

Risparmiare tempo
To make time
You have to make time for the guys this afternoon: even if you're busy, you definitely have to meet them for a couple of hours.

Senza pensarci troppo
At the drop of the hat (at the blink of an eyelid)
She wasn't serious about her boyfriend... she said she would leave him at the drop of the hat (at the blink of an eyelid).


Metterci un secondo

Shan't be a tick
Hold on here... I shan't be a tick!


Subito, rapidamente, in un attimo

Before long
Hey Al, are you tired? Just be patient: Friday will be here before long!
You look so tired, Greg... just be patient, the weekend will be here before long.


Occasionalmente, raramente, quando capita

From time to time (once in a while, now and then)
He used to go to the theatre, from time to time.
Yes... tea, please. I generally drink tea, I drink coffee once in a while
"Do you see Belinda often?" "Oh no… not really: I see her now and then, not regularly."


Discontinuamente, ad intermittenza, a pezzi e bocconi

In fits and starts, by fits and starts
Our research was advancing by fits and starts.
Peter’s terribly shy: when at the convention he started speaking in fits and starts.
I keep telling Harry it’s no use learning in (by) fits and starts.

Prima o poi

One of these days (sooner or later)
You're risking life and limb... sooner or later you'll break your neck, driving such a way.


D'ora in poi

From this day onwards
After you told me about that cheap department store at the end of the road, I swear... I'll go shopping there, from this day onwards.

Regolarmente, ad intervalli regolari
On and off
He came to the club only on and off at weekends.

Molte volte, un sacco di volte
More times than I have had hot dinners
I accompanied her to Bingo more times than I've had hot dinners.

Senza interruzione
Day in, day out
The prisoner had been boring the tunnel beneath the high fence, day in, day out.

Per un sacco di tempo
Until the cows come home
You can wait until the cows come home... she'll never call you.

Per un secolo
For donkey's years
I attended that social circle for donkey's years... that's why I know the most of them.

Avere tutto il tempo necessario, un sacco di tempo
All the time in the world
Play it cool, dear... you've got all the time in the world.


Quando, ogni volta che

As and when
We can leave as and when you prefer.

Non spesso
Now and again
I see them now and again, at the hang out.



Few and far between
The times she actually came with us were few and far between.

Quasi mai, ad ogni morte di papa

Once in a blue moon
Now that Nina has moved out of London, I only see her once in a blue moon.

All'ultimo momento
In the nick of time
I nearly missed my flight to Rome; luckily, I boarded just in the nick of time.

Rimanere indietro
To be behind the times
Staying always at home, the odd couple were behind the times insofar as knowing the new restaurants and clubs in the city.

Tirarla per le lunghe, impiegare (molto) pił tempo del necessario

To drag one's feet
Harry? Oh... he should have finished the job a month ago... he's dragging his feet.

Quando il tempo non passa mai
How time drags
Waiting is so boring: after the last week-end we spent together, how time drags!

Da un'eternitą (negativo)
In a month of Sundays
We hadn't met in a month of Sundays.

Al momento sbagliato, inopportuno
Bad timing
You had bad timing there, entering the room exactly when they started arguing.

Quando il tempo non passa mai
To mark time
The employee kept looking at the clock, marking time.

Momenti di gloria del passato
Glory days
The old man used to pass hours dwelling upon the glory days of the World War and all the battles won, talking with the veterans at the bar.

Qualcosa che prima o poi finirą
To blow over (to run it's course)
The slump in prices and collapse in sales are tendencies which cannot go on for ever, economists said: it will blow over in few months (run it's course in few months).

Superare la data di scadenza
To pass the sell-by date
I don't want to eat in that fast-food place any more... I'm sure their stuff has passed its sell-by date.

Il tempo č pił lento per chi si annoia
Time hangs heavy on one's hands
Do you remember last year when we were annoyed by doing nothing... time was hanging heavy on our hands.

Il passato nostalgico da ricordare
Down memory lane
Old people love being nostalgic and going down memory lane.

Passare il tempo in prigione
To do time for
He never confessed that, many years ago, he had done time for a hold-up.

Trascinare per le lunghe
To drag on
Don't drag on that story with Betty for too long... if you don't like her, it's better to break it off.

Tanto tempo sprecato
Gone down the drain
One should be careful how to spend money... it's easy to see it go down the drain.


Tempo fa

The A while ago, a while back
Brida's always busy... she called me a while ago (a while back) talking about her new job.


Molto tempo fa

Many moons ago
We met the first time many moons ago, when we were studying at the college.

Nella notte dei tempi
In the mists of time
I hadn't recognised her.. we only saw each other once, and it happened in the mists of time.

Metterci una pietra sopra, che i morti seppelliscano i morti
To let bygones be bygones
A lot of time has passed... forget that old offence and let bygones be bygones.




Paesi che vai, usanze che trovi

Different strokes for different folks
Being in the States I couldn't believe how they could eat such greasy jam doughnuts... you know: different strokes for different folks.

Da queste parti (dalle tue parti)
In this neck of the woods
What are you doing in this neck of the woods?

Proprio dietro l'angolo
On one's own doorstep
It's a pity that I don't take advantage of living so near the centre, considering that there are many theatres and restaurants just on my doorstep.

La terra dei sogni
Never-never land (the land of milk and honey)
They risked their life crossing the border illegally, to enter what they dreamed would be never-never land (the land of milk and honey).

Di qua e di lą
Toing and froing (backwards and forwards)
He's a great traveller, toing and froing between east and west.

In su ed in gił
Up and down
The demonstrators' march went up and down the street.

Qua e lą
Here and there (scattered around)
The news about the bomb made people run, here, there and everywhere out of the station!

Di qua e di lą
Back and forth (to and from somewhere)
The Guru's disciples arrived back and forth to listen to him.

Ovunque, in ogni direzione
Far and wide
They invaded the country far and wide, but taking no prisoners.

All over the place, everywhere
There were fireworks all over the place.

Non c'č spazio sufficiente
There's no room to swing a cat
I can't conceive how they managed to live in that small house with four children... there was no room to swing a cat in there.

Cosģ vicino da spaventare
Too close for comfort
You have to learn how to park the car: the last time you nearly knocked the bumper and that was too close for comfort!

Tagliare la corda, andarsene via saggiamente
To make oneself scarce
Being aware that her old boyfriend was arriving with his group, Sheila preferred to make herself scarce.

Andar via da qualche parte
Make tracks for something
After many chats he made tracks for going to live in Europe.

Una gita lampo, un giro turistico veloce
A whistle-stop tour
It's so tiring to go around all day to see every corner of the city... you know those breathless whistle-stop tours!

Una giornata di cammino
A day's walk away
The wise sheriff told them to have a rest before starting, because the village was a day's walk away.

Trascinarsi di qua e di lą
To mope about (around)
The disheartened man was moping about (around), with a bottle of whisky, all through the night.

Andare alla ventura, girovagare
To wander about
After reading "On the road" he's still wandering around and about.

Sentirsi come a casa
Home from home
Even if she lived ten years abroad, she immediately felt like it was home from home, staying with us.

Un zona di contesa, fra due confini o Paesi
No man's land
Because the valley was so far from the two cities, it remained a no man's land.

Un posto sconosciuto, sperduto..
In the middle of nowhere
When we got off the coach we unexpectedly found ourselves in a unknown place... in the middle of nowhere.



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