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Termini Station and the Metro of Rome

Termini Station is very central, close to Venice Place and the downtown shopping district, and there are the two metro lines: line A (identified by the red color) and line B (blue). This two lines intersect them at Termini Station, where you will be able to change from one line to another, that will ensure you faster and agiler movements (hours of operation: Monday-Tuesday and Sunday from 5.30 to 23.30, Friday and Saturday from 5.30 to 01.30).

One metro ride costs 1,50 euros and tickets are available at every underground station using the self-service machines or going to the provided front desks. If you have to use public transportation in Rome, we recommend you to buy day tickets, surely most convenient compared to a single ride.
The buses and the metro use the same tickets so you can transfer from one to the other, the price also is the same and you can usually buy them in newsstands or at a tobacconist.
Inspections are infrequent, especially on buses, but when you get on the bus, you must time-stamp the ticket in a yellow machine on the bus, after which it is valid for travel for the time shown on the ticket. Similarly with tickets for underground: the tickets must be time-stamped in a machine at the entrance of the station before you get on the subway. At the Termini station there are many terminals of buses to every direction.
In Rome the underground is considered an enough safe area but be careful to your money and valuables and don’t leave your bags or backpacks open.


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